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An Oldie, but a Goodie Book Review | Guardians of Ga’hoole series by Kathryn Laskym

Summary of the book: 


Tyto is a peaceful forest whose fir trees are homes to thousands of Barn Owl families. But trouble is stirring, and young Soren will have to face this new, mysterious danger.
When mysterious yellow-eyed owls capture the fledgling, he is taken to St. Aegolius Academy for Orphaned Owls–a canyon where unspeakable horrors await. 



The only way Soren and his best friend Gylfie can survive is with the help of the owls who, like them, want to be free. But how are these young owls supposed to escape if they don’t know how to fly?


Join Soren and Gylfie on their fight for freedom and discover the mystery of the Guardians of Ga’hoole. So let’s earn our wings and learn to fly!


These books are aesthetically pleasing and completely biologically accurate and filled with historical allusions. Kathryn Lasky creates just enough mystery to keep you reading and makes you fall in love with Soren so that you WANT to know how his story ends. And you have fifteen books to find out.


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Check out her website for her full list of novels:

Owl Facts:
Did you know that 205 species of owls are divided into Barn Owls and True Owls? 


Here are some other fun Owl Facts:

Most owls are nocturnal. Burrowing and Short-eared owls are not.
Owls have flight feathers that make them silent flyers.
Owls don’t just hoot; they also screech, hiss, and scream.
A group of owls, however rare, is called a parliament.
Most owls don’t make their own nests; they steal hawk and raven nests or find a nice tree hole.
Barn Owls (like Soren) are recognized by their heart-shaped faces.

Something To Do: Make your own owl Nest:
Owls don’t like to make their own nests right? So let’s make one for them and see if you’re lucky enough to bribe an owl into your backyard. So of course you’ll need leaves, twigs, grass, moss and anything you want to put to make the owl family comfortable. Ask an adults help to place your nest in the tree, and then wait to see if a lucky owl chooses your nest. Good luck!