Never Miss a Beat

Just Breathe

Ooof! December was a whirlwind of a month, wasn’t it?


Between the holiday and end-of-year prep, those 30 days just flew by, didn’t they?


If all the rushing, gathering, planning, and gifting left you feeling like a steamroller has run over you, you are not alone. 


As the calendar flips to a bright, shiny, new year, now is the time to pause, reflect, find gratitude and breathe.


I heard an incredibly resonating directive from a recent thought leader (I wish I could remember who it was!) that went something like this:


“Breathe in deeply and pull your power back to you. Exhale deeply and let go of unwanted attachments.”


That’s powerful advice.


As the CEO and Founder of Audrey Press, many people don’t know that I am also a Board-Certified Sound Practitioner, Trauma-Informed Pause Breathwork Facilitator, Mindfulness Teacher, and Holistic Coach. My practice is located at in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Breathwork has changed my life, and I know it can also help you.


Breathwork is one of the greatest tools that:


✨ Stills the mind
✨ Clears years of trauma and emotional baggage
✨ Replaces our negative thoughts with positive ones
✨ Releases our anger and resentment
✨ Rewires old belief patterns
✨ Gives clarity on what you want in life
✨ Transforms relationships
✨ Becomes a practice to help you during difficult times
✨ Encourages you to live in a state of gratitude


As you breathe deeply and intentionally, you are releasing the old emotions that are no longer serving you and creating more space for these support of emotions and vibrations that do. As you let go, you release yourself from past stresses. 


More importantly, you now have a new skill, so when you experience stressors again, you’ll know exactly how to take care of them and transform there.


December was a month of lots of “people-ing, hurried schedules, and extra time-sensitive tasks. It’s time for deep self-love and deep self-care with breathwork.


This month, let’s commit to practicing loving ourselves greatly.


If the thought of discovering Deep Self-Love With Breathwork intrigues you, check out this blog post on the Mongata blog.


It’s time to be kind to YOU!