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Living On A Smile – 16 Ways To Live A Big Life And Lead With Love Book Review

In her new book, Living On A Smile – 16 Ways To Live A Big Life And Lead With Love, marketing and brand transformation expert Jo Ann Herold shares experience and wisdom gleaned from more than two decades as a purpose-centered executive. Drawing on her own experience working as a McDonald’s employee to becoming the chief marketing officer of iconic global brands like The Honey Baked Ham Company, Herold provides readers with a roadmap for living a large life and leading with love.

Living On A Smile is an inspiring read for anyone looking to create their own success story based on my own experiences,” Herold said. “It provides readers with the tools needed to lead with love and make their dreams a reality.”

Part memoir and part leadership guide, Living On A Smile chronicles Herold’s journey from her humble beginnings to becoming the top executive of her field. In doing so, she offers readers 16 powerful lessons for living a life of purpose and fulfillment including:

  • Generating an outsized positive impact on your peers, your company and your community

  • Balancing the long view and the high road

  • Striking a balance between work, outreach, friendship and family

  • Cultivating lifelong friendships

  • Building tenacity and staying power

When the Audrey press Team asked Herold what was the “ah-HA!” moment that inspired her to write this book, this is what she had to say:

“I’ve kept journals and notes for the book since I was young. The a-ha moment was when my friend Jeff Hilimire was writing his fourth book and he and I agreed to be accountability writers for one another. The idea had been percolating for me for many years and then it became putting words on paper. On January 1, 2021 we would text and write to each other each day the number of words we had written which kept us accountable and encouraged about our work.”

She also shared that she would like readers to know that having a purpose and values, and having them articulated, has been life-changing for her. “This book is about helping the reader go through that purpose by articulating their goals and strengths through the workbook themselves.”

Living On A Smile is available on Amazon.

About Jo Ann

Jo Ann Herold is a purpose-driven executive with over 25 years of marketing experience in various leadership roles, including chief marketing officer for The Honey Baked Ham Company, chief marketing officer for Interface and vice president of brand marketing and public relations at Arby’s Restaurant Group in addition to owning her own marketing firm. Armed with an MBA in International Business from Mercer University in Atlanta and an undergraduate degree in Communication from Mississippi State University, Herold is an adjunct professor at Mercer University and Georgia State University. She served as vice chair of the Arby’s Foundation and serves on the executive board of the Atlanta Convention and Visitors Bureau, where she previously served as the board chair. Her work has been lauded by industry and community groups with numerous awards, including being named one of the National Diversity Council’s Most Powerful and Influential Women and winning two AMY Awards from the American Marketing Association. She was recently the recipient of the Atlanta AMA’s Lifetime Achievement award and the CMO Club’s President’s Circle Award.