Never Miss a Beat

Writing and Authoring While on the Move

Ever wished that you could write while going about your day?

While relaxing at the beach or even waiting in line for your child\’s sports practice to be over? The good news is that emerging authors don\’t need to be bound to their keyboards in order to create content for their books.  There are a plethora of tools available that will let you enjoy life while also keeping your writing deadlines on track.

Simply put, dictating your book is just like talk-to-text. There are pros and cons to this method, but I like to think of it this way; life happens. Don’t let the progress of writing your book halt just because you are not at a desktop or laptop.

Adding to your storyline via dictation can be as simple as creating an email to yourself and (using your phone’s built-in microphone) talking your thoughts and story out. The talk-to-text option isn’t super precise, but it will make it easier to go back once you’ve settled into writing and pick up where you left off without losing ideas, thoughts, or pieces of your book’s story.

There are also more complex ways to dictate your book to completion and these ways involve investing in specialized tools like a microphone or computer applications. During the process of writing my two latest books, Thrive: Living and Self-Healed Life, and Plentiful: Becoming Worthy, Wealthy, and Wise (fall of 2022), I discovered that my strength comes from when I feel like I am teaching instead of writing.


With that in mind, I enlisted the help of my long-time project manager and we devised a way for me to “teach” the parts of my books to her via Zoom and record it as I went. She was then able to take those recorded Zoom sessions and transcribe them using a online tool called and use the information to add content to my ever-evolving books.

Again, these transcribed versions are not perfect, but they are very very close. The key is to remember to speak clearly and purposefully while enunciating your words.

This process may seem like we took the long way to get good content, but I know myself well enough to know that, when I allow myself to just talk (I call it “riffing!”) without worrying about my fingers keeping up with my mind, that’s when the nuggets of gold are captured.

Because I am being authentically me and doing what I love most; teaching others through speech and stories.

If this sounds like something that could potentially help your story along, consider checking out other voice recognition software options like, Dragon by Nuance, Speechpad, and Speechtexter.

Utilizing the vast amount of tools available these days to dictate your next book is easier than you think! 


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