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Oldies, but Goodies | Great Kidlit for Summer Reading! {PART THREE}


As I mentioned in previous posts, sometimes, as readers and reviewers, we get so caught up in the “newest and best” releases that we forget about the goldmine of exceptional kids’ books that already exist!


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The following are MORE books the Audrey Press Team has read over the last 4+ years that they feel are worthy of a fresh look. Enjoy!


Stuck on Fun by Jannie Ho



Since this is an activity book, I can’t talk to you about the story, but oh my goodness, is this an adorable interactive book. The cover uses fantastic colors that are whimsical, and the characters on the cover are charming.


After instructing young crafters on how to use this book, they are just allowed to run rampant with the extensive collection of stickers, punch-out characters, and stencils. We are encouraged to embellish our creations with markers and glue, so obviously, I pass along the encouragement. Children are going to love this activity book with all its many possibilities. No additional activities are needed. All the fun you could have is right here!


Fun with Stitchables: Easy Patterns to Cross-stitch and sew by Suzy Ultman



Another fun activity book with unique characters. Learn to cross stitch and sew, two skills I have never mastered.


Here is a wonderful introduction to these fun crafts with 36 punch-out templates for your learning pleasure! I would’ve loved having this as a kid, and maybe by now, I’d be a sewing master. Enjoy this other charming activity book–a great way to spend a rainy afternoon!


Whose Shadow Do I See By Rosalind Bunn, Illustrated by Mark Braught



Falling asleep is hard. There are noises and shadows. What animals and monsters are waiting for little boys and girls at bedtime? This particular little boy has a tough time falling asleep. His papa tucks him in, and every time he turns to leave, the boy catches a new shadow creeping up his wall. But every shadow he sees can be explained as the tree branch, the teddy bear, or the little boy’s pet cat. Now it’s time to quiet his mind, lie down, and fall fast asleep.


Whose Shadow Do I See? by Rosalind Bunn is the perfect bedtime story for difficult sleepers or kids with wonderfully overactive imaginations. Calm your children’s fears and quiet their minds with this charming story and beautiful illustrations.


Wolf Tales: Read and Play Puppet Theater



This adorable, brilliant new idea brings storytelling to a fun, interactive level. In this package, you have three stories, all centered around the famous big bad wolf, as well as a stage, props, and different scenes to interchange.



The book tells the three stories of Little Red Riding Hood, The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids, and The Three Little Pigs. At the end of each story is a breakdown of how you can frame each scene and what props and backdrop you should use when. I love this new, interactive book that can involve everyone in the family. One person read, one was in charge of the backdrop, and split up the characters. I wish I had had something like this as a child.


Finger Print: Princesses and Fairies and 100 Other Magical Creatures



I remember having this book as a child, and I spent hours upon hours stamping my fingers into a rainbow of ink colors. But this book is even more magical than the ones I remember because this book helps you to create your world of fairies…with the press of your thumb!


Start with the basic thumbprint fairy. Then move on to your dancing, singing, and playing fairies.


Fairies need little pet friends–butterflies, birds, dwarves–or other accessories–potions, wands, and crowns.


Create your fairy world. You’ll need trees, mushrooms, waterfalls, rainbows, flowers, and the sun. This book will also show you how to create a FAIRY PRINCESS and a UNICORN!


There’s so much more to discover in this beautiful little book that’s full of its own activities.


Just make sure you have many different ink colors or watercolors and a cup of water. You’ll definitely need a wet paper towel.



We love things that stretch the imagination of humans of ALL ages while offering up some much-needed WONDER in a sometimes noisy and confusing world. As summer approaches, we encourage parents and caregivers to load up on quality books for kids that nurture their creativity, like the books we’ve shared above. Happy reading!



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