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\\”No Mow” May | An Easy Way to Protect our Pollinators

For many places across the globe, this last winter was…ODD. From overly cold temps to a Spring that seemed to never come, our gardening plans are needing to be postponed a few weeks in 2022. This unusual weather is also hard on our pollinators; many of which haven\’t gotten Mother Nature\’s wake-up call to get out of bed. There is a real concern among scientists and green experts that people, in their zest to embrace springtime ASAP, may prematurely mow their lawns or till their garden beds before our invaluable pollinators have had time to vacant their winter beds.

With this in mind, many communities are initiating a No Mow May campaign. No Mow May encourages gardeners to leave their mowers in the shed and transform their lawns into havens of biodiversity.


This unique movement began in the United Kingdom and has been quickly catching on around the United States. This mindful committment to holding off on mowing our lawns has proven successful in the past. An article in Better Homes & Gardens shares that:

{No Mow May} allows lawn flowers to bloom and feed hungry native bees emerging from hibernation when other flowers are scarce. Several studies done in areas of WisconsinKentucky, and Massachusetts have shown that lawn flowers can support a high diversity of bees and other pollinators.

Another Way to Help the Bees

“Bee”-ing and bee is hard work (we assume) so what can we do to give our sweet pollinators a break? Build a Bee Watering Hole, of course!


  • Flowerpot saucer
  • Rocks which you’ve collected or purchased at a craft store
  • Water



  1. Arrange the rocks in the flower pot saucer.
  2. Add water until the water covers the bottom half of the rocks.
  3. Place outside near flowers

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