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April is Poetry Month. Let’s Explore Some FloweTry

Each year the month of April is set aside as National Poetry Month, a time to celebrate poets and their craft. Various events are held throughout the month by the Academy of American Poets and other poetry organizations. The Audrey Press team is always on the hunt for new books to share that will help readers of all ages embrace the beauty and art of poetry. We were thrilled when the news of the release of this book popped into our email.

FloweTry: A Collection of 108 Poetic Flows on Life, Love, and Liturgical Issues by Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore is a book for anyone who has ever been frustrated with life and/or love or longed for a better relationship with the Lord. If you fall into any or all of these categories, this book is for you.



Life is filled with and impacted by family, friends, community, and politics. Each poem will take you on a reflective journey through different points in your life. The term family is used loosely as friends and community members are often family too. Hopefully, these poems will warm your heart when you come across the ones that apply to you. Some of the politically themed poems are rooted in Black history, so the actual past is not a mystery.


Love is beautiful, painful, and messy all at the same time. I highly recommend love despite it having its highs and lows. The poems here are both pro-and antilove, so get ready for the entertaining ride.


There is often a still, quiet voice within your soul whispering to you. Did you know that voice belongs to the Lord? It is the Holy Spirt. God is still speaking to us in this day and age; we just need to open our spiritual eye and ear to see and hear Him. It is all right to allow the Lord to do something new in you. Sometimes we wake or walk with a new melody or lyrics in our spirit and do not know where they come from. Well, I now believe I do. It is the Holy Spirit doing something new. We just need to yield to it and go with the flow. It might not always be great or perfect, but it can be fun to just go with the flow and give praise to God with whatever comes out of your mouth, your new song. May you relax, relate, and release as you enjoy this section of poetic, heartfelt FloweTry.

About The Author


Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore is a Compton native who wears both physical and emotional scars from her youth, and later, from her military service. In 2019, she had to medically retire from her beloved job as a physician and faced an existential crisis. She wondered, Who am I without my profession? Many in your audience have likely faced health setbacks and employment uncertainty in the past couple of years. Dr. Moore\’s powerful message of perseverance is one that is well worth sharing.  

By all accounts, Dr. Tiffanie Tate Moore shouldn\’t be where she is today. Born and raised in Compton, she has survived being shot in the back during a drive-by shooting, serving in the U.S. Navy during the Global War on Terrorism, pericarditis, and a respiratory code.

After a hand injury forced her to retire from her beloved job as an OB/GYN in 2019, Dr. Moore faced yet another challenge.

\”Who was I without my profession?\” she queried. \”After spending more than half of my life working toward and achieving my goal of becoming a physician, I went through a depression.\”

Dr. Moore immersed herself in her children, her church, and her sorority. Her injuries coupled with six surgeries in two years left her with mobility limitations and chronic pain. And yet, she continues to walk in half-marathons despite tremendous physical discomfort.

The ability to overcome seemingly insurmountable hurdles seems to be woven into Dr. Moore\’s DNA. But she says she draws her strength and resilience from a much more powerful force.

\”God is still speaking to us in this day and age; we just need to open our spiritual eye and ear to see and hear Him,\” Dr. Moore says.

In addition to leaning on her faith, Dr. Moore began writing as an outlet for her emotions. Her new book, FloweTry: A Collection of 108 Poetic Flows on Life, Love, and Liturgical Issues, candidly and poignantly dives into the topics of our times, including COVID, politics, Black history and police brutality. She also speaks of love and community, and includes an entire section of verses intended to encourage readers to take a closer walk with Christ.

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