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Oldies, but Goodies | Great Summer Reading for Littles {Part ONE}

As I mentioned in previous posts, sometimes, as readers and reviewers, we get so caught up in the \”newest and best\” releases that we forget about the goldmine of exceptional kids\’ books that already exist! The following are books the Audrey Press Team has read over the last 4+ years that they feel are worthy of a fresh look. This summer reading booklist is dedicated to Littles; readers who are new to reading.




Busy People: Police Officer by Lucy M. George


Officer Seth is a great police officer! He arrives to work just on time, makes sure that he has everything he needs for the day, tests out the sirens on his car, and he and his partner patrol the local festival to make sure that everyone is safe. When a little boy tells him that he has lost his parents, Officer Seth and Officer Thea do everything they can to help the little boy find his parents again because that\’s just what police officers do!

Here\’s yet another inspiring story to give kids professional dreams. Plus, this story shows kids that you can always go to a police officer when you need help. It\’s their job to keep their community safe. But if being a police officer isn\’t for you and you still want to help with crime, there\’s also a Police Sergeant, Forensic scientists, Police dog handlers, and family liaison officers. Tons of jobs that help people just in one department.

Busy People: Astronaut by Lucy M. George


Jenny, Chin, and Kim are finally astronauts after months of training and tests. It\’s time to actually go up into the big, wide world of outer space! They do all their preparations, pack up in the rocket ship, and blast off into space! Once they get up there with the rest of the crew and Robo-bot, they have to clean, do experiments, go on spacewalks, and do so many other exciting astronaut duties! They\’re even able to communicate with their friends and families on Earth at the end of a long day! How cool is that?
Ever wanted to learn more about space? Here\’s your chance in a simple, clear, exciting format! Not only is there an exciting adventure and an \”oops\” moment with Robo-bot, but they also do experiments!

Lucy George includes interesting facts about space and other jobs that are involved with space but don\’t necessarily mean traveling for months into a dark void! This is a book to inspire dreams!

Whose Hands are These? by Miranda Paul


All kids have a dream, and Miranda Paul’s charming book Whose Hands are These are planting the seeds of all the helpful things that a child could be. She describes each of the different professions that a child could be—a farmer, cook, police, scientist, potter, new reporter, mechanic, architect, referee, physician, and teacher. And this is just the beginning of the dreams a child can dream. The charming illustrations bring all of these different jobs that might seem boring at first to life and show all of the helpful things that they do for the community. I love books like this, books that plant ideas and hopes in children’s heads. This book is absolutely charming and goes beyond teaching lessons. Definitely a book to add to your child’s bookshelf.

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly by Simms Taback


Every mother and grandmother has heard the poem of the old woman who swallowed the fly. It is ridiculous of course, but how can you help but share this enjoyably silly poem with your children? Simms Talbac\’s Caldecott Honor books bring life to this crazy old woman with her crazy illustrations and entertaining side notes. Now we get to see what goes on inside the stomach of the woman who swallowed the horse, cow, dog, cat, bird, spider, and a fly.

Kids will love these crazy illustrations and every night will want to hear the story of the crazy old lady who swallowed the fly and went to the ends of the earth to have that fly taken care of. Don\’t let this story die along with the crazy old lady!

Jumping Jack by Germano Zullo


Jack and his rider Roger Trotter are a star combo. People come from all over the world to see this dynamic duo jump the course. But suddenly, Jack can no longer jump. He\’s tripping all over the trail, wedging himself between rails, basically losing his tail. Roger doesn\’t know what\’s wrong with his partner. The doctors say his boo-boos aren\’t causing him problems. The psychiatrist says he\’s just a little tired–he just needs a week of relaxation. Now after a bit of R&R, it\’s time for the biggest competition of the year.

Roger and Jack think they\’re ready…but are they? What will come of the dynamic duo? Will they reclaim their title and prestige? Or is Jumping Jack done jumping forever?
Jumping Jack is an adorable story with uniquely wonderful illustrations. I love the loyalty, friendship, and sense of confidence portrayed by Jack and Roger. Learning not to give up on your dreams no matter what is an important lesson for children to grasp, especially now. Keep this story in your back pocket when your child is down.

Great Questions to Ask Little Minds

Who is the main character?
What is the problem?
Where and when?
How will I solve the problem?
What obstacles can I give him?
What is your character\’s heart struggle?

Happy Reading!


Making reading an adventure and not a \”task/ chore/requirement\” during the summer months is a great way to help them increase the desire to learn and keep them interested as well. Setting aside time as a family and selecting a summer reading list is a great way to not only make the idea of reading more exciting but also to involve kids in voicing their thoughts and options on what it is that they would like to read.

summer reading for reluctant readers


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summer reading for reluctant readers\
summer reading for reluctant readers

Happy Reading!