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eBook Summer Reading Recommends for Readers of all Ages

Ah, summer. Everyone has been looking forward to sun, fun, and a much slower pace. As the world slowly begins to get a handle on COVID-19 and travel begins to open up, even more readers are on the hunt for books that are not only enjoyable to read but also easy to bring with them on adventures. eBooks to the rescue!

The portability of eBooks is just the ticket for those who love to read and have a plan of pursuing an on-the-go type of summer. If you fall into that category, we have great news. Audrey Press\’s top adult titles, picture books, and our Urban Fantasy YA series are now ALL available in eBook form!

Non-fiction eBooks for Adult Readers

Two-Year Waitlist: An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers by Noreen Wenjen

Two-Year Waitlist by Noreen Wenjen

In her new book, Two-Year Waitlist: An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers, Wenjen shares her tried-and-true method of using marketing, technology, and business know-how to grow a two-year waitlist for a successful independent music studio. ($5.99 on Kindle)

The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook by Donna Ashton

The Waldorf Homeschooling Handbook\

The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook is a simple step-by-step guide to creating and understanding a Waldorf-inspired homeschool plan. Within the pages of this comprehensive homeschooling guide, parents will find information, lesson plans, curriculum, helpful hints, behind-the-scenes reasons why, rhythm, rituals, helping you fit homeschooling into your life.

Discover how to educate your children in a nurturing and creative environment. After an unprecedented year of distance learning struggles, many families are opting for the flexibility of homeschooling. This ebook is a great way to jumpstart your family\’s homeschooling adventure. ($5.99 on Kindle)

Pilgrimage: A Modern-Day Seeker’s Guide by Evans Bowen


A tradition of all religions, Pilgrimage is a journey to sacred sites as an act of devotion and dedication. It is time to expand the definition of Pilgrimage to inform modern life. Taking time to visit a place near home or around the globe, to open the mind and heart to the Divine, brings healing and new meaning to life. Pilgrimage is both an external journey to a place longed for and an internal journey to the center of our most authentic self. ($3.99 on Kindle)

The Elusive Full Ride Scholarship: An Insider\’s Guide by Mia Wenjen and Alison Foley

The Elusive Full-Ride Scholarship\

This eBook is an invaluable source that breaks down the scholarships and recruiting process to help parents and athletes navigate the system and find the right college fit. ($5.99 on Kindle)

 All serious club sport athletes and parents should read this! This insider\’s guide is perfect for the parent helping to navigate and support their athlete who is seriously interested in playing their sport in college! It is so informative with to-do lists and templates! Do not wait to read this! Rising freshman or sophomore year is not too early to read this book! ~Amazon reviewer

eBooks for Teens and Kids

As a grown-up, you already know that books are a great way to relax and escape the worries of the world.  But the trick is to convince the reluctant readers in our lives that curling up with a good book is not just “an adult thing.”

Because we live in a world filled with online stimulation, kids and teens may think of reading as boring or uninteresting. Here are some tips to encourage your child to read…and convince him or her that reading is fun!

The ABC’s of BookJumping: The Best of Jump into a Book by Valarie Budayr and Rebecca Flansburg

The ABCs of BookJumping\

What if you could “live” inside the pages of the children’s books your family reads? What if you could enjoy the same adventures as the characters? Bookjumping is taking the solitary act of reading a book and transforming it into an event that can be shared with others. It is about pulling books off shelves and stories off pages and making kids’ books come ALIVE.

Get a sneak peek inside the ebook HERE.

This eBook contains over 150 book reviews, unique book-inspired activities and recipes, book pilgrimages, facts about classic book authors that we all know and love, and many, many reasons to spend countless hours “unplugged” and reading as a family. ($2.99 on Kindle)

Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg and BA Norgaard

Sissy Goes Tiny\
Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg and B.A. Norrgard

This diverse hardcover picture book continues to help families everywhere reimagine what a simpler lifestyle would look like while reinforcing the belief that home is indeed the place where love and family dwell no matter what the zip code.

Written to open minds and create curiosity about minimalism, tiny house living, downsizing, and repurposing, Sissy Goes Tiny is about a family that chooses to live Tiny and do More with Less. The text and vibrant illustrations share “gentle lessons” that we all need to ponder about why “stuff” dominates our lives when “experiences” create lasting memories that only take up space in our brains and hearts. ($3.99 on Kindle)

A Year in the Secret Garden by Valarie Budayr and Marilyn Scott-Waters


Inspired by the classic children’s tale, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett, A Year in the Secret Garden will enchant your family with 200 color illustrations and photos that put a modern-day spin on this classic favorite. With over 120 pages, with 150 original color illustrations and 48 activities for your family and friends to enjoy, learn, discover, and play with together. ($4.99 on Kindle)

Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Valarie Budayr and Roscoe Welply


Come along on a journey into one of the most beloved children’s books of all time! The Golden Ticket has been found! Join Charlie in his adventure of making the world of Willy Wonka come to life with over 20 activities and crafts. Crazy Racing Oompa Loompas, Gobstopper Gum, and handmade Willy Wonka hats will guide you along with this magical and interactive story that creates collaborative play and invites readers to live inside the pages of this timeless tale. ($3.99 on iBooks)

“Have you ever wanted to visit Willy Wonka’s famous chocolate factory? I know I did when I was little. I still do!  Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory allows families to do just that. This wonderful eBook is packed, not just with interesting facts about how chocolate and Gobstoppers are made, but also with clever games like “Gobstopper Dobblers” and “The Nut Room Squirrel Snatching Game”. And who doesn’t want to learn how to make their own “Fizzy Lifting Drinks” or “Square Candies Looking Round”? There are even step-by-step patterns so readers can create their own “Willy Wonka Top Hat” and “Mini Maze in a Box Game”. It made me wish I had a time machine so I could go back and give this delightful book to my eight-year-old self. The hands-on activities and games will allow you to make delicious memories with your own children.”~The Toymaker

The Ascension Trilogy by Hannah Rials

The Ascension Trilogy by Hannah Rials\
The Ascension Trilogy by Hannah Rials

Ascension (Book One in the Ascension Trilogy): Steeped in the mystery, intrigue, and rich history of New Orleans and the secretive world of the Deuxsang, teen vampire, Cheyenne, and her forbidden love, Eli, embark on a vastly different, and vastly more dangerous, journey as the net of betrayal tightens around them. This intense and fresh novel is enchanting, engrossing, and impossible to put down right up to the cliffhanger ending. Remember, the end is not the end. ($1.99 on Kindle) 

Clandestine (Book Two in the Ascension Trilogy) At 17, Cheyenne finds herself the center of a centuries-old conspiracy involving the vampires, Deuxsang, and witches, and everyone is telling her who she should trust and what she should do. Her head is too full of voices and opinions, and it is time for Cheyenne to make up her own mind. Is she ready to step into the role she was made for? Then again, knowing who made her and how can she be certain that she should? ($1.99 on Kindle)

Reclamation (Book 3 in the Ascension Trilogy) The situation is dire.
Teen vampire hybrid, Cheyenne Lane\’s world is shattered as she discovers that she has led her friends and family to the slaughter. With their blood on her hands, Cheyenne finds herself a captive to the most powerful vampire in the world, Lamia. Cheyenne knows time is running out and Lamia will do whatever it takes to make her future a reality, but she and her crew of witches and Deuxsang brethren are not going down without a fight. ($2.99 on Kindle)

As always, all of these books are available in physical book form and can be purchased on Amazon or the Audrey Press site here.

Happy Reading!