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Two Books for the Appreciators of Simple Living

In a recent New York Times article, writer Kevin Roose noted a new trend that seemed to be sweeping the nation.

After the last year+ of pandemic worries and job loss, the working class is reevaluating their lives and opting for simplicity and flexibility over excess and 60-hour workweeks. 

With self-employment on the rise and former workaholics moving from big cities back to their hometowns, doing more with less is a new lifestyle choice that is here to stay. Roose shared that workers flush with cash and burned out by the pandemic are quitting their jobs to move closer to home in droves.

Many of us take home for granted, and I’m sure those who have struggled amid the challenges of 2020/2021 would agree—there’s no place like the safety and sanctuary of HOME. 

But whether your humble abode is a mansion perched on a mountaintop or a beachside hut,  the common denominator is that HOME is going to be that it is the place where you and your special people feel safe, nurtured, and loved.

This is also something Audrey Press has embraced over the last few years as well. From personal lifestyle shifts to the books we publish, this publishing house is wholeheartedly embracing a simpler life filled with meaning and fulfillment over too much busyness and “stuff.”

One book in our catalog that captures that message beautifully is Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg and BA Norgaard. This diverse hardcover picture book continues to help families everywhere reimagine what a simpler lifestyle would look like while reinforcing the belief that home is indeed the place where love and family dwell no matter what the zip code.

Written to open minds and create curiosity about minimalism, tiny house living, downsizing, and repurposing Sissy Goes Tiny is about a family that chooses to live Tiny and do More with Less. The text and vibrant illustrations share “gentle lessons” that we all need to ponder about why “stuff” dominates our lives when “experiences” create lasting memories that only take up space in our brains and hearts.

Sissy Goes Tiny

Go HERE to view Sissy Goes Tiny book summary, meet the authors, and secure your copy of this timely book.

 Pilgrimage: A Modern-Day Seeker’s Guide by Evans Bowen

If a book that creates reflection, introspection, and inner peace for adults is more your speed, then you will love Pilgrimage: A Modern-Day Seeker’s Guide.

Inspired by her 40-day hike across the El Camino Santiago in Spain, Pilgrimage will ignite our wander’s soul and reveal how a sacred journey of the heart can be as close as your own backyard.

Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide by Evans Bowen is available on (FREE shipping within the U.S.A.), on Amazon, and on Kindle.

Read the story of Evans’ journey that ultimately led to this “must-read” book here.