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Pandemic Pivot: An Entrepreneurial Rockstar Music Teacher Creates Tools for Success

For the past 25 years, Noreen Wenjen has been committed to helping her private piano lesson student excel. As the years flew by, Noreen\’s reputation as an exceptional piano teacher for students of all ages grew. A full and successful studio with a two-year waitlist draws students with a high level of commitment.  Students tend to stay with the same teacher for many years, which builds camaraderie and pride between the students.  This camaraderie breeds success for the students and their teachers. This success in business was something that music teachers all over the USA wanted for their own companies.

And Noreen took notice.

As an NCTM (Nationally Certified Teacher of Music) and  President, California Association of Professional Music Teachers (CAPMT), Noreen shared that, over the years, she met many experienced music teachers who struggled financially. The main reason for this struggle and frustration came from not being able to fill their private studios with enough students or maintain a steady income throughout the year.

\”My heart went out to these teachers who I knew were talented and capable, \” Noreen shared. \”I also knew I could help by sharing the systems and methodology that has made my own business a success. With this in mind, I wrote my first book, Two-Year Wait List:  An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers, in 2018. My mission with this book is to share my tried-and-true method of using marketing, technology, and business know-how to grow a two-year waitlist for a successful independent music studio. The book turned out amazing and I am blessed to have Audrey Press as my publisher.\”

Two-Year Waitlist by Noreen Wenjen

Two-Year Wait List:  An Entrepreneurial Guide for Music Teachers was an instant success and Noreen received hundreds of emails and testimonials from readers and teachers who were using her ideas and systems to \”next level \” their music education-based businesses.

I hope that this book helps private music teachers of all genres and locations to fill their studios and gain the financial stability and success they deserve.\”

Then, 2020 happened. And like many in-person businesses, Wenjen Piano had to shift and adapt to a COVID world very quickly. Thanks to online platforms like ZOOM and YouTube, Noreen was able to keep her students playing and learning. Noreen\’s Wenjen Piano YouTube Channel is now filled with tutorials, student concerts, and most of all MUSIC.

She\’s also created workshops and classes to further help struggling teachers and students. Her Entrepreneurial Rockstar Music Teacher Course has been a huge success.

\”The key to success is keeping up with the times,\” she shared. \”I created this course to help music teachers make changes to their studio policies, create a 3-year financial goal, manage their time better, and create new step-by-step instructions to help with distance learning. The entrepreneurial teachers who take my course will also get a Certificate of Completion at the end of the course. Music teachers, students, and musicians need to keep learning and stay updated on the latest technology to help them teach, perform, and continue to grow their income!\”


\”This course was so helpful to me as I start my own piano studio in a remote mountain town. As an independent music teacher, this course provided incredible insight into how to structure my studio in terms of studio expectations, monthly tuition, and how to handle COLA adjustments and studio changes. Thank you Noreen for creating such a wonderful resource for music teachers so we can continue to teach music and motivate our students!\”–– Jackie Greenleaf, Greenleaf Studios Mammoth Lakes, CA.

The Audrey Press Team is so proud of you, Noreen!

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