Valarie Budayr Talks About A Year in the Secret Garden

Valarie Budayr shares the story of when she was young, she was drawn to play in the urban forest that was across the street from her childhood home.  In the suburbs was 24 acres of woodland that became the perfect place to run free and play. A constant companion during her adventures and pretend-play was the classic children\’s book, The Secret Garden by Frances Hodges Burnett.

Inspired by her favorite book, Valarie would spend hours creating mini secret gardens amongst the trees. Ultimately, this sacred time of childhood play and enchantment drew her to create the book that would bring the magic of The Secret Garden to a new generation of readers.

Teaming up with illustrator, Marilyn Scott-Waters, these ambitious moms created a beautiful book called A Year in the Secret Garden that not only created Secret Garden-themed crafts, recipes, and activities, it dives deep into each character in this much-loved children\’s classic.

\”You can experience A Year in the Secret Garden anyway you\’d like,\” Valarie shared. \”Readers and families can follow the book month by month and experience chapter (each chapter has 5 parts) in sequence, or simply thumb through the vibrant pages and enjoy what catches your eye.\”

Watch her interview below about secret hideaways, parenting, and the love of creating wonder through the creation of beautiful books.

About The Book

Bring the children’s classic book, Secret Garden, to life with these activities, recipes and details that unlock the mysteries of the original book’s characters!\
Bring the children’s classic book, Secret Garden, to life with these activities, recipes and details that unlock the mysteries of the original book’s characters!

Award-winning authors Valarie Budayr and Marilyn Scott-Waters have co-created A Year in the Secret Garden to introduce the beloved children’s classic, The Secret Garden to a new generation of families.

This soft-cover children\’s book uses over two hundred full-color illustrations and photos to bring the classic story, The Secret Garden, to life in modern ways. Filled with fascinating historical information, monthly gardening activities, easy-to-make recipes, and step-by-step crafts this exceptionally high-quality book is designed to enchant readers of all ages (including adults!).

Each month your family will unlock the mysteries of a Secret Garden character, as well as have fun together creating the original crafts and activities based on the book. It\’s time to coax kids away from their electronic devices and into the kitchen, garden, and craft room.

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