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Ways to Crush Your Holiday Shopping List Mask-Free!

The sweat is rolling down your back. Your facemask is inching its way up to your cheeks and all it will take is one more wiggle to send it straight into your eyeballs.


Your stomach rolls because you are hungry as heck and the person in front of you in line smells like a delightful blend of chicken tenders and fresh-baked cookies. Your arms are so ladened with gifts that your items are beginning to REALLY make your bladder unhappy.

The situation is getting dire, and you are still 15th in line. And only half-way through your Holiday Shopping List.


We know that Gifting Books for the Whole Family will be quick, easy, and a mega-relief because Audrey Press has a title (or titles!) for the whole family. And just for the holiday season, you can get a TEN book bundle from us for one low price.

So scoot over to the Audrey Press Bookstore and grab the gift book bundle that will not only help you tick names off your \”Need to Buy\” list but one that will also keep the whole family reading year-round.

One of the many results of being in business for almost a decade is being able to offer a wide range of beautiful books thanks to the many authors that we\’ve worked with over the years,

The result is an extensive Audrey Press catalog of quality books that includes titles for the whole family!

And if that was cool enough, we also have our entire book catalog in one tidy bundle that has a wide variety of titles and genres that will please the whole family.

See? It\’s a Holiday Shopping List Crusher, for SURE.

PLUS, there\’s FREE Shipping in the USA! Visit our bookstore page for more details


In honor of getting a jump-start on the 2020 holiday shopping season, we are offering the very special October Coupon Code, SAVE25. Use this code at checkout to enjoy 25% off on orders over $50 AND free shipping too!



Go HERE to explore our wide range of books for multiples and ages and genres and start ticking some gift recipients off your holiday shopping list!

**Don\’t Forget**

So for the 2020 holiday season, everyone at Audrey Press would like to offer a gift-buying perk (and stress buster!) in the form of a very unique 10 BOOK BUNDLE plus a special COUPON CODE.

During the month of October, use Coupon Code SAVE25 at checkout to save 25% on orders over $50!

Holiday Bundle 10 Book Deal\

This special Holiday 10-book Bundle Deal includes one paperback or hardcover copy of the following books:

So this holiday season, give your family the gift that they can open again and again…BOOKS!

***FREE SHIPPING in the USA-Be sure and order before December 15, 2020, to ensure arrival before Christmas.***Again, use SAVE25 at checkout to save 25% on orders over $50!