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Hybrid Book Buying | The 10% Shift Challenge

Many years ago, there was a Buy Local initiative called 10% Shift Challenge: A Small Shift Can Make a Big Difference. The premise behind this campaign was to encourage people to shift 10% of their weekly buying AWAY from online sources and spend those dollars with local independently-owned businesses instead.

10% Shift Challenge\

Why? Because a 2003 study found each $100 spent at local independents generated $45 of secondary local spending, compared to only $14 for a big-box chain.

The study was based on the premise that by making a slight behavior change and shifting just 10% of your annual budget for purchases from non-local businesses to Local Independents, you can have an immediate, positive impact on the health of your local economy.

The campaign faded away, but I\’ve noticed that there has been renewed interest in this way of buying recently. Maybe its because buying habits have changed exponentially since 2003. Online buying is at an all-time high and I predict, because of COVID-19, this year\’s holiday buying will largely happen online as well.

A New Twist on the 10% Shift Challenge |Hybrid Book Buying


As an author and boutique publishing house owner, my belief has always been that bookselling (and book-buying) needs to be a hybrid model. YES, we need to support our small businesses and send as many of our dollars in their direction as possible.

BUT THEN, I put on my Businesswoman\’s Hat and acknowledge that Amazon allows my business to flourish and grow while reaching zip codes, states, and even countries that I could not have dreamed.  This reality may not be what people want to hear, but the truth is that BOTH of these modes of buying are important pieces in an author/publisher\’s marketing toolbox.

It can be summed up in two words: Discovery and Choice.

Any book can be discovered on social media or as an \”Also Bought\” on Amazon, it\’s at the moment of discovery that buyers have the choice to click Buy Now, or write down the book title and author and check with their local indie bookstore to see if it\’s available.

As a businesswoman and a book lover,  I need to look at it differently.

If I had a choice, I would insist ALL book buyers support the locally-owned bookstores. The book lover in me craves that hands-on experience of scanning hundreds of books to find my next great read.

But as a business owner, I also know I need to offer my customers many choices and buying options. They need to be able to access Audrey Press\’s beautiful books in a variety of venues-because ultimately I need to be seen and need to make buying books an enjoyable experience.  This business needs to appeal to every kind of shopper from the \”I know what I want just let me click Buy Now,\” to the thoughtful shopper who likes to ponder before committing to buy.

Selling books via this website, brick-n-mortar bookstores, and on allows me to do all of that.


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