Never Miss a Beat

One and DONE! Gifting Books for the Whole Family

As the gift-giving holiday approaches, parents may be tempted to buy the toys that honk, walk, buzz, or light up.

Though it may not light up or wiggle, books are an amazing gift because they are meaningful, beautiful, portable, appealing, inexpensive and a gift that can be opened again and again. AND, there always a book for every member of the family.

One of the many results of being in business for almost a decade is being able to offer of a wide range of beautiful books thanks to the many authors that we\’ve worked with over the years,

The result is an extensive Audrey Press catalog of quality books that includes titles for the whole family!

Urban Fantasy, Non-fiction Business, How-To, Spirituality and Travel, Parenting and Coaching, Children\’s Picture Books, and Middle Reader Activity and Screen-Free Learning–YES…we have something for everyone.

So for the 2020 holiday season, everyone at Audrey Press would like to offer a gift-buying perk in the form of a very unique 10 BOOK BUNDLE plus a very special COUPON CODE!

During the month of October, use Coupon Code SAVE20 at checkout to save 20% on orders over $50!

Holiday Bundle 10 Book Deal\

This special Holiday 10-book Bundle Deal includes one paperback or hardcover copy of the following books:

So this holiday season, give your family the gift that they can open again and again…BOOKS!

***FREE SHIPPING in the USA-Be sure and order before December 15, 2020, to ensure arrival before Christmas.***Again, use SAVE20 at checkout to save 20% on orders over $50!