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New Kidlit Books about Tourette Syndrome, Cancer & Stepmoms

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After a brief hiatus from small press publishing, Linda F. Radke, Story Monsters LLC president and former publisher of Five Star Publications, Inc. has announced plans to re-release a limited number of inspirational and uplifting titles under the new imprint, Story Monsters Press.

\”The books we are re-releasing under Story Monsters Press are those with a special place in my heart. Each of them, while unique in their own ways, deal with timeless youth toils, from learning to accept ourselves for who we are, to coping with divorce and a blended family,\” says Radke. \”That is the remarkable nature of books: the ability to find within them the characters we can all relate to, who help us process the challenges we face, and learn to overcome them.\”

Tic Talk: Living with Tourette Syndrome, A 9-Year-Old Boy\’s Story in His Own Words, written by then 9-year-old, Dylan Peters, is a first-person narrative for children living with Tourette syndrome.


Inspirational and insightful, Peters\’ story highlights the importance of self-advocacy and how to educate others about Tourette syndrome. \”As we have heard from so many of our readers through the years, it\’s critical for children living with Tourette syndrome to have a north star to guide them,\” says Radke. \”We\’re delighted to be able to bring this back.\”

Next up for re-release is Addie Slaughter: The Girl Who Met Geronimo by Susan L. Krueger, Ed.D. with Historian Reba Wells Grandrud, Ph.D.


Addie Slaughter, the young daughter of famous Arizona rancher John Horton Slaughter, told the stories to her daughter, Adeline Greene Parks, who wrote them down. During the restoration of Slaughter\’s San Bernardino Ranch in the early 1980s, Adeline Parks shared those memories, other Slaughter family history, and original photographs with Dr. Grandrud. Krueger expertly speaks for Addie as this first-person narrative recounts real events with its colorful descriptions, capturing the interest and imagination of its readers. \”I wanted to show young readers that history is anything but boring,\” explains Krueger, a teacher for 32 years before retiring in 2000. \”When told with passion and realism, history is exciting, inspiring, and captivating.\”

Also by Susan L. Krueger, Story Monsters Press will re-release Horrifa\’s Magic Makeover: \”Witch\” Way to the Ball?a story about learning to love oneself.


This book offers young readers (grades 2-4) a seamless transition from picture books to chapter books. The short novel features Horrifa, a headstrong young witch who yearns to attend a mortal ball with a handsome young prince. But first Horrifa must transform into a mortal herself—a \”makeover\” her mother, Dragunda, begrudgingly obliges. \”I loved how this book reversed the typical ugly and beautiful roles we find,\” notes reviewer Margarita M. \”I enjoyed reading this book with my daughter because it taught a great lesson: Children will always want to try new and different things that parents might not approve of and parents need to let their children try. In the end, a child who is given a chance to try and be supported while doing so will always share a strong bond with their parent.\”

Another important title slated for re-release is Tami Butcher\’s My Bonus Mom! Taking the Step Out of Stepmom.


With the foreword written by comedian, actor, and writer Bill Engvall, Butcher\’s picture book is geared towards young children (ages 3-8) navigating divorce, examining what it feels like from the child\’s perspective, and how to cope when your parent remarries, and you suddenly have a \”bonus\” parent or siblings. \”[The story] draws experiences of Butcher\’s life in a way that everyone can relate to,\” says reviewer Michelle Blair. \”Having divorced and remarried parents of her own, the author shares a relevant and necessary story.\”

Finally, drawing on her experience volunteering with the Children\’s Cancer Network, author Sharon Wozny wrote Jamie\’s Journey: Cancer from the Voice of a Sibling—part-book, part-journal—especially for siblings of pediatric cancer patients who may feel forgotten and unimportant and need a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings.


\”This invaluable resource offers insight and hope for siblings,\” shares Patti Luttrell, RN MS, Co-Founder, and Executive Director, Children\’s Cancer Network. \”Sharon Wozny has given siblings a voice by providing this excellent tool for families!\”

All of the Story Monsters Press titles are being offered in a black and white, paperback format through the Story Monsters online store and Amazon. The eBook version of each book is also available on Amazon. Visit to learn more.

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