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Sissy Goes Tiny

Happy Book-Birthday to Sissy Goes Tiny!

(Guest post from Becky Flansburg)

It was one year ago that this beautiful book rolled off the presses Bang Printing and into the hands of two grateful authors and one very excited publisher.


What a journey the last 12 months has been! Some folks loved the book…some, not-so-much. But that\’s the thing.

When it comes to art in all forms, everyone is entitled to their own opinions.

When co-author B.A. and I started mulling about the concept for this book. we knew we wanted it to be a very bright and visual way to share the message that “stuff is just stuff.” The mission of this picture book was (and will always be) to showcase a simpler way of living a life filled with experiences, minimalism, adventure, and family bonding.
The pages of Sissy before heading to the cutting and binding process.

Though written about the tiny house movement, Sissy Goes Tiny was not only written to tell the story of a biracial family living tiny. In a nutshell, Sissy was created to make reading fun while helping families embrace the idea of simpler living and Doing More with Less. 

We wanted this book to ultimately encourage families to re-evaluate clutter and overly busy lives in favor of simplicity and freedom.

Especially if it helps them be kinder to Mother Nature.

As with all children’s books, the point is to entertain and enchant, but we also wanted to weave some \”gentle lessons\” about conservancy, minimalism (a lifestyle B.A. actively practices) recycling, repurposing, and generosity into the text. 

But we also firmly believe (as does our wonderful publisher) that kids need to \”see\” themselves in the books they read.  That why we made the conscious decision to make this book included diverse characters.
It\’s also hugely important to us that kids see what is possible in this world via Sissy\’s story. This could mean an Asian child scuba diving, a disabled child competing in the Olympics, or a biracial child living with her family in a tiny house.


A Message from Audrey Press CEO, Valarie Budayr

It makes me very proud to know that Sissy Goes Tiny has had the most beautiful impact among bi-racial children–that, to us, is golden. We are very aware that kids need to see themselves in the books they read (whether its scuba diving, competing in sports, or living in a tiny house) it makes our hearts swell with pride when little girls see the cover and exclaim with excitement, \”She looks like me!\”  

Now officially an \”award-winning book,\” we are very proud that Sissy Goes Tiny has garnered a Second Place win in Green/Environment Books for Kids and an Honorable Mention in Best Illustrations from the 2020 Purple Dragonfly Awards!


THANK YOU to everyone who has supported us on this wonderful journey. We know Sissy will be a catalyst for change and great conversations for many years to come.

Sissy Goes Tiny for Summer Reading!

Looking for a beautiful and unconventional diverse picture book for kids? Check out, Sissy Goes Tiny!


In Sissy Goes Tiny, eight-year-old Sissy and her parents make the bold choice to downsize their life and embark on a journey of living tiny and doing more with less. At first, Sissy struggles to get used to the idea of living in a tiny house on wheels and traveling around the U.S, but as she and her mommy and daddy learn about downsizing, repurposing, and how “stuff is just stuff,” she soon understands that a life of “living tiny” will be filled with the big adventures and learning.

You can read the full story of this journey here and also reserve grab your hardcover copy here.

\”I believe that Sissy Goes Tiny is going to open so many minds for people! A tiny house is absolutely not for everyone, but we all like to dream and step into the shoes of another lifestyle in our minds. Learning about this lifestyle I think will help people be more supportive of people who do choose to live unconventionally. Sissy and her family are a great example of that.\” Co-author, B.A. Norrgard

Join us in celebrating the idea of Tiny Living and BIG Adventures!

\This diverse picture book is now available on IndieBound and Amazon!

Sissy Goes Tiny\

A complete list of this year\’s winners is available on the Dragonfly Book Awards website at

\”A very big congratulations to all of our winners who deserve all the recognition for their contributions to children\’s literature,\” says Linda F. Radke, president of Story Monsters LLC. \”I also want to thank all of our judges who help shine a light on the best of the best. They are the ones who truly have their work cut out for them each book awards season!\”