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A Sweet Picture Book that Encourages a new Definition of HOME

Home is where the heart is, right?

Home is something many of us take for granted and I’m sure those who have struggled in the midst of the challenges of 2020 would agree—there’s no place like the safety and sanctuary of HOME.

But whether your humble abode is a 1000 acre Montana ranch or a cozy 400 square-foot apartment in Manhattan, the common denominator is that your version of Home, Sweet, Home is going to be that it is the place where you and your special people feel safe, nurtured, and loved.


One such book that captures that message beautifully is Sissy Goes Tiny by Rebecca Flansburg and BA Norrgard. Released in mid-2019, this diverse hardcover book continues to help families everywhere reimagine what a simpler lifestyle would look like while reinforcing the belief that home is indeed the place where love and family dwell no matter what the zip code.

Written to open minds and create curiosity about minimalism, tiny house living, downsizing, and repurposing, Sissy Goes Tiny is about a family that chooses to live Tiny and do More with Less. The text and vibrant illustrations are filled with “gentle lessons” that we all need to ponder about why “stuff” dominates our lives when “experiences” create lasting memories that only take up space in our brains and hearts.


Go HERE to view Sissy Goes Tiny book summary, meet the authors, and secure your copy of this timely book.

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ALSO…have you ever wondered what kind of gift you should give to minimalist and tiny house dwellers? Basically you are trying to find the perfect gift for people who are consciously living with only what they need.

Co-author B.A. Norrgard share this simple, yet creative gift list that is sure to please the person who prefers thoughtfulness and experiences over more trinkets!



Making reading an adventure and not a \”task/ chore/requirement\” during the summer months is a great way to help them increase the desire to learn and keep them interested as well. Setting aside time as a family and selecting a summer reading list is a great way to not only make the idea of reading more exciting but also to involve kids in voicing their thoughts and options on what it is that they would like to read.

summer reading for reluctant readers


Well…we\’ve added a whole new level of \”learning is FUN\” layer to summer reading with our new kidlit book-inspired activity ebook!

The ABC\’s of BookJumping: The Best of Jump Into a Book by Valarie Budayr and Rebecca Flansburg allows frustrated parents of reluctant readers to enjoy hand-picked book reviews and unique companion activities that will reignite your child\’s love of reading and encourage screen-free family time.

What if you could \”live\” inside the pages of the children\’s books your family reads? What if you could enjoy the same adventures as the characters? Bookjumping is taking the solitary act of reading a book and transforming it into an event that can be shared with others. It\’s the process of pulling books off shelves and stories off pages. It\’s making kids\’ books come ALIVE by \”jumping\” inside the pages. Readers of this ebook will enjoy hand-picked book reviews and unique companion activities that will reignite your child\’s love of reading and encourage screen-free family time.

\”This fun picture-book-based e-book contains over 150 hand-picked book reviews, unique book-inspired activities, and recipes. Just in time for #summer reading!\” Amazon reviewer

We purposely made this book an ebook for the \”portability factor\” and affordable to fit every budget and family need.

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summer reading for reluctant readers\
summer reading for reluctant readers

Happy Reading!