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Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker's Guide

Virtual Pilgrimages: Online Spiritual Travel, Adventure, and Growth

Spring/Summer is a time of movement, adventures, and growth. The warmer weather and long weekends also makes these seasons the perfect time to travel and explore.

But travel is likely still not an option for many as the world struggles to reclaim a “new normal” after several tense (more like intense) months of battling the super-virus known as COVID-19.

People are slowly returning to life B.C (Before Coronavirus) but many are understandably reluctant to venture too far from home.

But here’s the deal—soothing your wanderlust doesn’t have to mean highway miles, airline tickets, or booking a cruise. Travelers can find sanctuary in a pilgrimage in their own backyards and communities…and also from the comfort of their favorite chair, porch swing, or backyard lounger.

Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide by Evans Bowen will motivate readers to turn off Netflix, soak up some culture, and cultivate a more positive mindset. It will also open the reader’s eyes to the fact that, when physical travel may be prohibited, the world is available to us via an internet connection.

Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker\'s Guide\

Obviously, virtual travel can’t take the place of the real thing, but it can contain spiritual awareness opportunities that we may have never thought of before. Here are some examples:

Virtual Travel from Your Favorite Chair


Virtual Castles

Farm Life

Holy Lands Virtual Tours

Tour National Parks

National Zoos

Outer Space




“Life is hard, and if we don’t take the time to hear our own voices and reach out for more meaning, we will be swept up in the world and in danger of losing our lives to society, obligations, and fear.”~Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide


Pilgrimage: A Modern Seeker’s Guide by Evans Bowen is available on (FREE shipping within the U.S.A.) and on Amazon. Read the eBook for FREE on KindleUnlimited.


What if you could \”live\” inside the pages of the children\’s books your family reads? What if you could enjoy the same adventures as the characters? BookJumping is taking the solitary act of reading a book and transforming it into an event that can be shared with others. It\’s the process of pulling books off shelves and stories off pages. It\’s making kids\’ books come ALIVE by \”jumping\” inside the pages.

The ABC’s of BookJumping: The Best of Jump Into a Book is a concept that lets parents, caregivers, homeschoolers, and educators use the books they have on their shelves to create moments of “learning by doing” and reading all rolled into one!

The ABCs of BookJumping\

This robust literacy-based e-book contains over 150 hand-picked book reviews, unique book-inspired activities and recipes, book pilgrimages, facts about classic book authors that we all know and love, and many, many reasons to spend countless hours “unplugged” and revisiting classic stories.

The ABCs of BookJumping\

Making reading an adventure for kids and not a \”task/ chore/requirement\” is a great way to help them increase the desire to learn and keep them interested as well. Setting aside time as a family and selecting a summer reading list is a great way to not only make the idea of reading more exciting but also to involve kids in voicing their thoughts and options on what it is that they would like to read.

Re-ignite your child\’s love of reading and encourage screen-free family time today.

Get the details here and reserve your copy ASAP. The ABC’s of BookJumping: The Best of Jump Into a Book will be delivered to your eReader May 12, 2020.