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HOW TO COACH GIRLS is now on Kindle! {+Bonuses}

FACT: Girls quit sports 6x the rate of boys. Based on this knowledge, two moms put their creative heads together to pen a book that has parents, coaches, and volunteer coaches clamoring for more. HOW TO COACH GIRLS by Mia Wenjen and Alison Foley was released in 2018 to rave reviews and now this popular book that is helping coaches keep young females athletes in sports is available on Kindle!
But that\’s not all. Not only will readers get all the wisdom and advice that was included in the softcover version, but Mia and Alison have also added THREE new chapters to the ebook version of HOW TO COACH GIRLS!

The HTCG Bonus Chapters Include:

1) When Girls Don\’t Want To Be At Practice
2) Integrating Injured Players
3) Making Connections: Ice Breakers to Build Team Chemistry

About The Book | The Scoop on HOW TO COACH GIRLS

HOW TO COACH GIRLS provides the most comprehensive guide available to the many issues associated with coaching girls’ teams across the spectrum of sports, from soccer to lacrosse, field hockey to softball. Volunteer parents and experienced coaches alike will find invaluable advice on the process of making a successful team, encouraging girls to stay in sports beyond the middle school years. Twenty-two chapters cover all the major issues, including how to pick captains, the importance of growth mindset, issues around body image and puberty, as well as the intricacies of coaching your own daughter.
This invaluable guide is the brainchild of Alison Foley, Head Coach of Women’s Soccer at Boston College and Mia Wenjen, a parenting and education blogger at PragmaticMom and mother of two daughters, who provides personal accounts to illustrate issues discussed throughout the book. The combination of Mia’s voice of parental experience coupled with Alison’s professional expertise provides an innovative and highly accessible approach to considering potential pitfalls and how to avoid them.
In the final section, a broad range of experienced college coaches, including former Olympians, give crucial guidance on what it is that girls need from a coach to allow them to flourish in sports, and most importantly, have fun.

On the website, Mia and Alison have also provided free downloadable and printable evaluation forms (soccer, basketball, lacrosse, field hockey, hockey, and softball), and award certificates here:


It is refreshing to read HOW TO COACH GIRLS that recognizes and embraces the unique aspect of coaching female athletes. A guide for coaches of all sports to facilitate the incredible responsibility and privilege we have to work with the future female leaders through the wonderful gift of sport. To finally articulate the sentiments of many successful female sports team coaches, and identify the techniques and approaches that will contribute to the potential success of the girls both on and off the fields.

To demonstrate to all of us that adjusting our approach, focus or style of communication is no longer a compromise but the sign of a great coach that only wants to catapult these girls to be confident, capable and proud young women today! HOW TO COACH GIRLS gives us tangible ideas, practice plans, and thought-provoking chapters to help us do exactly that!-  Former head coach at Yale and Boston College, Ainslee Lamb