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A book about a family who chooses to live Tiny and do More with Less

Home is where the heart is and no matter how you define \”home,\” the common denominator is that it is almost always the place where love grows best. But what would you do when the “home” that you have always known is about to change in a very drastic, but exciting, way?

One of Audrey Press’s most recent published picture books is the unique and delightful Sissy Goes Tiny: a truly beautiful kid’s book about a family that chooses to shake up the traditional concept of “home” to live Tiny and do More with Less.

And…::drum roll::…Sissy Goes Tiny is now available on Amazon!


      Sissy Goes Tiny shares the thoughts of eight-year-old Sissy after she learns her mom and dad are committed to the idea of a drastic downsize and exploring the countryside in a tiny house on wheels. At first, Sissy is nervous about things like how they will all fit in such a small space and what if she doesn\’t like her new room. She also frets about leaving behind the familiar things, like friends and school. But her parents gently reassure her that all will be well and lead her step by step through the process. In the end, Sissy discovers that her new little room in her family\’s tiny house is exactly right for her.

This whole concept makes for great conversation starters with kids too. We live in a world of too much \”stuff\” so having a family talk about what is truly important can open the doors to a whole new way of thinking.

Sissy Goes Tiny Book Summary

Eight-year-old Sissy loves her life. She loves her toys, her Big house, and her Big backyard. But when Sissy\’s parents decide they are going to \”live Tiny,\” the thought of parting with some of her belongings and living in a Little house on wheels doesn\’t sound so good. But as her family\’s new adventure unfolds, Sissy begins to understand that \”stuff is just stuff\” and living in a Tiny House is filled with the possibility of Big adventures!

If you\’d love to use this book to have that honest conversation (and maybe just a fun conversation) with your family, check out Discussion Points About \”Doing More With Less\”

The typical Tiny House is less than 399 square feet and often as small as 100; a far cry from the national average in 2014 of 2,453 square feet. Tiny Houses can be placed on a permanent foundation like a regular home, or on a trailer for a more mobile living lifestyle.

So, if a Tiny House is around 300 square feet, that is likely the size of the average living room! With that in mind, here are some great Discussion Points to help kids understand the idea of \”doing more with less.\”

  1. If your family wanted to \”go tiny\” and everything you needed would have to fit in your living room (while still leaving room to cook, eat, sleep, use the bathroom, do homework, etc.) what items would your family NEED.
  2. Based on the question above, what items would you WANT to take with you? Things that make you happy, remind you of fond memories, treasures, keepsakes, etc?
  3. In the book, Sissy was very glad when Daddy chose to leave behind the ukulele that hurt her ears. What possessions would you be OK with leaving behind?
  4. If you would pull your Tiny House behind your vehicle and visit ANY state/town/destination in the USA, where would you want to go first?
  5. If you lived in a Tiny House, what do you think would be the easiest thing to learn? The hardest?
  6. Many tiny house dwellers utilize their outdoor spaces so much that they consider it part of their daily living space. What fun things could your family bring with or add to your Tiny House adventure to take advantage of the great outdoors? A swing? A slide?
  7. Many tiny house dwellers utilize their indoor spaces as much as possible as well. To do this, they choose items that have \”double duty.\” The kitchen center island can double as a place for the dog to sleep. Footstools can become dining room chairs. Stairs have secret compartments in them to store things. What kind of cool ideas so you have for household items that can have more than one purpose?

Copies of Sissy Goes Tiny are also available on the Audrey Press website and shipping is FREE within the U.S.

Sissy Goes Tiny\



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