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For Those Who \”Seek\”| A must-have “beach read” ebook

Life can be hard. We all know that. But we all also know that if we don\’t take the time to hear our own voices and reach out for more meaning, we will be swept up in the world filled with obligations and fear.

But what if the travels you take, even if it\’s to your own backyard, offered a deeper meaning and a chance to discover new peace and reassurance that could potentially calm the internal noise?



Pilgrimage: A Modern Day Seeker’s Guide by Evans Bowen was released in 2018 and immediately received accolades for being exactly that kind of book. Easy to read, concise, gentle, and filled with a deep wisdom that we all have inside, Evans’ book will become the balm for tattered souls in search of refuge and answers.

This book is not just a recounting of her 40-day trek on one of the most sacred paths in the world, the Camino de Santiago in Spain, was it’s also a guide: a guide on how to live life, savor every moment, and not let the constraint of miles and money hold us back from having our own pilgrimages.

Evans Bowen’s voice is clear and comforting as she encourages spiritual travelers to engage in mindful journeying before their first footfall on the path. Then she takes us into the heart of the journal of 40 transformative days with her deep questions to lead us toward soulful integration. I highly recommend this work for even the most seasoned traveler.
~ Normandi Ellis award-winning author of Awakening Osiris

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