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The Content Conundrum | What Authors Can Blog About

Guest post by Becky Flansburg

Blogging is such an invaluable tool for authors.

There are a lot of different definitions for a blog, but put simply, a blog (short for \”web log\”) is a website or part of a website where you can post regular entries of opinion pieces, news, case studies, your email newsletter archive or anything else you want to share with your customers or prospects. Your blog posts can provide the content you need to fuel your email newsletter and other social media marketing efforts.

So why is it such a great tool for authors and influencers? Here are a few reasons:

  • Blogging is rewarding. It feels really great to write a post that you know is solid, and then have people read it and agree in the comments.
  • Blogging is educational. To keep on putting out good content, you’ve got to be reading good content, and thinking about interesting things. This makes blogging a powerful learning experience.
  • Blogging builds community. For your blog to do well, you need to connect with others like you.
  • Blogging builds credibility. Creating solid, relevant content on a regular basis is a great way to communicate to your audience that you are outstanding in your field.
  • Blogs let you reach interested audiences. They can help you get in contact with potential customers.
  • Blogging drives traffic to your website (i.e. the place where your products and services live!)

But once an author blog is created, the real conundrum begins: what to write about. It’s been 23 years since Bill Gates made his “content is king” prediction. And it’s still true. 

If you’re part of a business, company or organization, this step will be easy to determine. Your blog would be related to the product(s) or service(s) you provide, or the cause you promote.

BUT, if you are an author, the answer to this question may take a little more thought.

When new business owners, bloggers or authors first launch their new website, the main question that needs an answer is \”What do I want to be known for?\”

Yes, we know you want to be known as an accomplished author, but what else?

What Authors Can Blog About

A great question to ask yourself that also will lead to some great blog posts topics is What do I want to be Known for?)

  • A person who practices Perseverance? The author who made their dreams come true even after years of self-doubt and roadblocks? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who ignored the naysayers and published a book anyway? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who is committed to their craft and committed to helping others do the same? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who gained new knowledge, wisdom, perspectives and maybe even skills while researching details for your book? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who knows that, just because the book is in print, doesn\’t mean the work stops? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who has passion projects, adventures, struggles and victories in their personal life that could help others? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who is always open to help fellow author rise up and get noticed? If yes, share that story.
  • A person who hopes and dreams for the future? If yes, share that story.
  • a person who is always exploring and learning of new ways to be a better writer and marketer? If yes, share that story.

If you’re an individual, you have far more flexibility with your topic choices than if you were blogging for someone else or even Corporate America. As long as your content is authentic, not radical or political and has relevancy to your life and books, we say go for it!. The main things to remember are:
• Blog about something you enjoy.
• Blog about something with plenty of room for discussion.
• Blog about things that can ultimately connect back to who you are and the work that you do.

  • Blog about something you are wildly passionate about. What gets you fired up?

blogging for authors\

Happy Blogging!



Becky Flansburg is a freelance writer and blogger from Minnesota who writes about parenthood topics and being a mom-in-business. She is also 1/3 of the team; an online site dedicated to exploring the Lakes Area and creating “me time” moments for hardworking parents. She believes that being a mom is The.Best.Thing.Ever and Team Family is #1. Readers can also find her on her personal blog or on Instagram as @BeckyFlansburg

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