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Loving Reading-It All Starts in Your Child\’s Ears

Reading is a skill that every parent wishes for their child to learn.

It is something that can be frustrating to teach, however. Having said that, there are ways to begin setting a foundation for good reading before you even show your child a printed word. How is it possible to give your child a good head start with their reading from the earliest moment? It all starts in your child\’s EARS.


Speak to Your Child

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, begin speaking to your child. Your conversations may seem embarrassingly one-sided at first, but as your child grows he (or she) will begin to babble back to you in attempted conversation. Your unborn baby will begin to hear around 18 weeks into the pregnancy, so use this opportunity to expose him to a variety of different sounds.

Once your baby is born, speak with him as you carry him around and as you go about your day. Don’t be afraid to explain things in detail. Say to your little one things like, “Now we are going to make lunch. What should we make today? Here are some bananas and peanut butter.” Even if your baby doesn’t understand every detail at first, it encourages him to try out new words himself.

Use a Large Vocabulary

When speaking to your baby, use a wide variety of words in your vocabulary. Don’t be afraid to include words that are difficult to pronounce or understand. Using big words encourages an expansion of your baby’s vocabulary, and he will understand them as he grows.

Read to Your Child

There is no such thing as too much reading. Reading to your child opens the doors to his imagination. It exposes him to new sounds that you might not otherwise include in your conversation and gives him something to look forward to. Time spent reading with parents will imprint positive memories with your child in regards to reading, and encourage a love for it.

Rhyme with Your Child

Rhyming is a wonderful way to help your child lay a foundation for reading. Give your child examples of rhyming, and then ask him to give you a few. A great way to teach rhyming is to point to a body part and give a rhyming word for that body part. Then ask him to name the rhyming body part. Giving your child clues such as these helps them to learn the concept quickly, and soon he will be able to create rhyming words without any assistance.

Foreign Languages


It is worth mentioning that this approach is equally effective for teaching your child a foreign language. Studies have shown that the more sounds an infant is exposed to, the greater capacity they will have to learn to speak those sounds later. Speaking a large variety of words while your child is young in any language, including foreign languages, will allow him to become fluent more easily later on.

Teaching your child to read is a process that involves time and patience. It is well worth the effort since it will bring huge benefits to their life. Be sure to lay a foundation for reading long before your child is old enough to actually read. By following these simple rules, your child will be on their way to becoming an avid reader in no time at all.

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