Never Miss a Beat

Misconceptions about Creativity That You Need To Ditch ASAP

Many people think creativity is something not all of us have and that the extent of our personal creativity is drawing stick figures or crafting a rousing game of Tic Tack Toe.



The reality is that we all have veins of creativity running through us. It’s truly there; we sometimes just need to dig until we find it. Creativity is not just “pen on paper” when you are a creative writer/author (or fingers on a keyboard). Creativity and mastery of art can take many shapes, including words, song, paint, wood, fabric, and clay.


Just because you can’t sing a lick or draw more than a stick figure does not mean you aren’t creative. Everyone has different strengths and talents-the key is to keep digging and experimenting until you find your muse. Unfortunately, many people get tripped up by their own negative thought process and fail to stick with their personal journey of discovery. Our own thoughts are our own worst enemy and those voices can be pretty deafening.


But before we get started on this discussion on avoiding limiting thoughts and beliefs surrounding perceived lack of creativity, we want those of you to feel that way to pause, snatch that limiting thought from your mind, hypothetically crumple it up and toss it in your imaginary trash can.

Go ahead. We’ll wait.

Got it? Good. Here are a handful of myths surrounding creativity and talent that we want to clear up forever.


That it’s Mythical {Like a Unicorn}: Many of us believe that, when the Higher Powers were handing out the Creativity Skills, we missed the memo. 


Creativity is not something “bestowed” upon us like royalty or some Magic Fairy Dust smoothie that only a select few are allowed to sample. Creativity is all around us and it takes many different shapes. So just because you can’t write a song like Adele or paint an epic portrait like Georgia O’Keeffe doesn’t mean you can’t still be a creative force to be reckoned with. The key is to tune in to the things you do on a daily basis and which ones you do well. Much of the things we do well is our creativity in action, we just don’t realize it.


Your Born With It: Many writers are under the misconception that, unless they come from a long line of creative folks in their heritage, it’s not possible to possess creative skills. Creativity is just as much “nurture” as it is “nature,” and, like any skill, it needs to be honed, worked on, and practiced daily. 


Anyone willing to put in the time, proper training, and work to cultivate a mindset grounded in reality can create amazing things and develop innovative projects, ideas, products, and programs. Creativity is not limited to the artsy things we see and appreciate like pottery, paintings or fine wines. Creativity is looking at a task and seeing a better way. Creativity is the ability to share information and knowledge in a way that makes it fun to learn. Creativity is addressing a universal problem, and finding a “work-around” that benefits everyone involved.


Presto Whammo: Some people are under the impression creative ideas come in onomatopoeia-like moments with many cool sound effects. Though we’d all love to have out-of-nowhere creative ideas, complete with “poof” cartoon verbiage balloon attached, the reality is that most stellar ideas come from intense research, years of knowledge and hard work. Noodling on an idea for years and then working on bringing it to life and is most certainly an act of creativity.



Once it’s Been Done-It’s Done: There’s a myth that leads people to believe that once an idea is conceived and created, the fat lady has sung. Where would the world be now if Steve Jobs had not wanted a slimmer, faster, lighter mobile phone? Where would we be if J.K Rowling had listened to all the publishers and naysayers who mocked her idea of a book series that revolved around a boy wizard and a magical wizarding school? 



True authors and creatives know that their business’ success depends on being more creative and innovative than their competitors. 


That being said; don’t just blindly follow the myths of being creative and write yourself off as one of “those people” who “don’t have it.” Instead, spend time cultivating and understanding your personal components of creativity and what works best in your life and environment.


How creatively are you pursuing innovation in your business?