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Announcing The Upcoming Waldorf Homeschool Handbook!

Here at Audrey Press we are beyond thrilled to announce the upcoming book launch from friend, teacher, writer, and educator Donna Ashton. Donna\’s new book The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook will be launching later this summer and we are proud and excited to be a part of this process!

The Waldorf Homeschooling Handbook\

The friendship and history behind author Donna Ashton and Audrey Press CEO Valarie Budayr goes back many, many years. Valarie shared with me how Donna and herself have always had a mutual connection of the love of literature and creative endeavors.

\”I remember times when Donna and I would have \’creative dreaming\” sessions together. We\’ve both always made our living with on-line business.\” Valarie shares.

Then one day last Fall the \”creative dreaming\” became a reality as Donna shared an outline for an upcoming Waldorf-inspired Homeschooling University Course. Valarie recognized immediately that this information was not only a phenomenal course, but a book begging to get published. The two creative entrepreneurs put their heads together and worked towards creating and publishing the now upcoming Waldorf Homeschool Handbook.

Waldorf Homeschooling Handbook\

Donna created this Waldorf-inspired book to be the \”go-to\” guide and master resource for homeschoolers looking to teach in the Waldorf-inspired style. Whether you are just starting to homeschool, or always wanted to, imagine this for a second. Imagine knowing immediately what to do, how to schedule your day, and what courses to follow.

Imagine feeling confident that you are doing it right and that the first steps are clear. Imagine knowing exactly where to find the resources and support needed to be successful.

That is exactly what The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook will  achieve for you.

The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook\

To read the full benefits and details of this Handbook go HERE.


BONUS! We are also offering a special bonus for pre-orders as well! Sign up now for Donna\’s The Waldorf Homeschool Handbook and not only will you get a signed copy, but Donna is generously offering a FREE mp3 download of \”How to Set up Your Homeschool Day.\”

Don\’t delay! Start preparing for your new upcoming homeschool year HERE.