Never Miss a Beat

How to Use Facebook\’s Scheduling Feature

We all know the key to keeping your Facebook Author Page vibrant and Likers interested is CONSISTENCY.


Keeping our Likers and subscribers engaged on our Page (commenting, Liking, Sharing) ensures that our updates make the News Feeds. Facebook determines what gets into their News Feed by how active the page or profile is.

But sometimes this can lead to our Facebook Page feeling like a demanding child. The work-around on this would be to use third-party sites like Hootsuite or Buffer, OR use Facebook’s handy dandy scheduling feature.

Using this feature within Facebook not only helps your updates to look better than the counterparts scheduled via Hootsuite, but it allows you to create updates, news, pictures to post, and schedule them into the future. Thus freeing you up to do other things while still maintaining that presence and visibility we all want.

If you haven’t used the scheduling feature on Facebook, it’s slick and easy.

  • Go to your Page like you are about to post an update.
  • Type in your update text and add an image.
  • Look for the little clock image.


  • Click and choose from the offered drop-down year, month, day, hour, and minute.
  • Click “Post” when you’re done and it automatically goes into your Activity Log (found in your Admin Panel under Edit Page) until your scheduled date and time arrives.


See? Super simple.  Your scheduled updates will appear in a “behind-the-scenes” dashboard within Facebook  and you also have the option of changing the dates and times once scheduled using the drop-down arrow on the upper right corner.