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9 "Must Read" Blogging & Social Media Post for Writers

Social Media for Writers\

Here are our top 9 \”Must Read\” Blogging & Social Media Posts for Writers picks for the week of January 21-26Th

What do you say on your Social Media Accounts? Use the Gramma Principle of Social Media : Time On Task

How can you NOT love a big ol \”summary\” of the best-o-the best? Here\’s the Top 20 Social Media Marketing Articles From 2012: Social Media Examiner.

I\’ve never tried this, but I\’d sure like to. How to Publish Your eBook from Word to Kindle in under Ten Minutes: The Book Designer

Ever calculated the real cost of staring an on-line business? Jeff Goins spells out why maybe you should stop suffering through that crappy while waiting for your big publishing break. Everyone Should Start an Online Business (or How You Can Be Your Own Patron) Jeff Goins.

jeff goins\

Pinterest 101: 33 Ways To Create Engaging Content & Be More Pinnable: Top Rank blog

The Pros and Cons of Working from Home on the Internet: Dukeo

home sweet home\

Recycling Your Knowledge Base to Create a New Career in Writing: Tomorrow\’s Trends

Understand Branding: 4 Tips: Blog With Amy

What great info did YOU find this week?

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