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9 "Must Read" Blogging & Social Media Posts for Writers

9 Must Read Blogging & Social Media Posts for Writers\


1.What Blogging Can Teach You about Yourself

2. The Importance of Blog Backups (a.k.a Avoiding Your Worst Nightmare) The Blog Maven,

3. Why Your Youtube View Count Is Stuck At Or Around 301: Tech-Based Marketing

4-3 Essential Twitter Features You Might Be Missing Out On: AllTwitter

5. Are You Disclosing? What You Need to Know about FTC Rules and Social Media: Social Media Examiner.

6. Loyalty, Consistency And Social Media – How To Build Your Brand Online [INFOGRAPHIC]-MediaBistro


7. 6 Effective Strategies for Google+ Pages: Sprout Insights

8. Why Google+ Is Better For Community Than Facebook: Social Mouths

9. 10 Ways to Become More Creative: