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Tools of the Trade: 15 WordPress PlugIns for Writers


Recently I went to a very awesome blogging conference called MnBlogger (also know as Minnesota Bloggers Conference) in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Minnesota Bloggers Conference\

One of my favorite break-out sessions was on 15 WordPress Plugins that Will Blow Your Mind presented by the uber smart Mykl Roventine.

Mykl\’s info was so good, I thought I would share my favorites with you, and the ones I thought would be most useful for writers and bloggers. To view Mykl\’s presentation and all 15 Plugins, head over to his website HERE.


1. Akismet: Uber spam blocker.
2. SEO by Yoast: (LOVE THIS) Basically a SEO helper for those of us who don\’t quite \”get\” SEO.
3. Share This (simple sharing icons)
4. After the Deadline: Style & grammar police plugin
5. Yet Another Related Post Plugin: Encourages deep dives into content with suggestion of related stories
6 Social Media Widget: Offers more than just the 4 most popular icons on a box form
8. Backup WordPress:  Like Vault-backs up your stuff
10. Contact Form 7: Great way to let folks contact your and your business.
11. Maintenance Mode: In case of emergency (hacked) it will put your blog in \”maintenance mode\” and show your readers that message.
12. Editorial Calendar : drag and drop scheduler for multiple writers and Admins.
13. Widget Context: Show or hide widgets based on what post or page your readers are viewing
14. Better Author Bio: Simple, clean automatic author bio at the end of each post.
15. Fluid Video Embeds: Makes You Tube embeds look nicer by centering, and extending the full width of your blog
16. Wp Google Fonts: \”Crazy-easy\” to load and use.

Do you have some \”I -Can\’t-Live-Without-It\” WordPress Plugins?

\Please share!