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Drink Me, Eat Me, Read Me: An Alice In Wonderland Party

Because I am feeling SILLY today, I thought I\’d share something FUN.

Drink Me, Eat Me, Read Me, based on the story of Alice in Wonderland is a really fun and brilliant look into living a combination life of real and virtual books. This short video is cleverly put together by Irina Neustroeva. Enjoy.


Something To Do: Alice In Wonderland Tea Party

Eat Me:

Did you see the notation \”Cake\” in the video? How about making your own \”Alice Inspired\” Cake. It could be:



Reflective of the \”Upside-Down\” Crazy World of Alice

\Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Or Just Super Simple

\Chocolate Cupcakes With Cherries from MochaCafe

Invite Some Guests:

The entertaining party guest are a complete \”card\”  and will liven up your party.


Sweet Suitors Playing Card Crafts at Disney

What kind of silliness will YOU dream up today?



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