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Libraries From All Over The World





We love Libraries. 🙂

Libraries comes in many sizes, locations, and forms. Libraries can even be tiny and mobile. You may remember a few months back when we did a delightful profile story of the community/individual driven book lending project called Free Little Libraries on our sister-blog Jump Into a Book.

Little Free Libraries\

We loved the idea of Free Little Libraries and sharing the love of reading with others then, and we still do now. We have also always wondered what libraries in other countries or states look like…..the along came PINTEREST.

We have to admit, we\’ve have seen some gorgeous, striking, and even heart-tugging images of global libraries on Pinterest. It just reminds us:

A. How lucky we are in America

B. How awesome it is that the Internet has the power to expand our world beyond the boundaries of our community.

Here\’s a few of our favorite images.


Dub Project-New York City\

The DUB Project for refurbishing abandoned phone booths in New York City

The Penguin Pop-Up Shop by Penguin Books UK,\

The Penguin Books \”Pop Up\” Library in the U.K

\The entrance to the Duluth Public Library in Duluth, Minnesota


Tiny, English language bookshop in Milan.


Mini Library on a bus in Hamburg, Germany

How about YOU?

Have you traveled somewhere and have seen an amazing or unique library? Please share with us! We\’d love to do a \”Part 2\” to this story since we know we have only scratched the surface.

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