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A Friday of Fox Fun and Over-The-Top Cuteness





You may remember a few years ago when author and Audrey Press CEO Valarie Budayr wrote this \”little\” book called  The Fox Diaries:The Year The Foxes Came To Our Garden.

The Fox Diaries\

Well, this book is not only NOT \”little\” many people don\’t realize that there is an unofficial, real-life, Part Two to this sweet tale of Mama Rennie and her kits.


As of this past Spring, Valarie has been keeping a very large secret…….

Hulda (a kit from the first litter-now all grown up) came back to the old den, her family home, with her newborns.  Yup….Generation #2 had taken up residence in the Budayr yard.  Valarie and family had many moments with Hulda and Family and the result is this amazing video.  Not only is this delightful video a peek at the Fox Mayhem that has ensued, it\’s answered the burning question….


\”HOW MANY foxes did you say there were??!!\”




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