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Writers And Toddlers All Go Through PHASES | Tips for Sparking Creativity

Two-year-old\’s go through PHASES.

Writers also go through PHASES.

Ours just isn\’t as messy and filled with tantrums (most of the time).

BUT, if you are going through a writing \”phase\” and you have a gut feeling your stuff isn\’t what it could be, or no matter how hard you wrack your brain, nothing good comes to mind, guess what?


Though the urge is there to throw ourselves on the floor and have a big, greasy meltdown when our creativity isn\’t cooperating with our writing aspirations, the best course of action is to step back, breath, and start fresh. Here are some thoughts and Random Thoughts On Sparking Writing Creativity.

Watch this awesome insight from author and writer Ira Glass.

Random Thoughts On Sparking Writing Creativity

Give yourself permission to write. Write for the joy of it.

Remember everyone has a story-interview someone today.

Make copious notes-the palest ink is mightier than the strongest memory.

\”Nothing truly bad ever happens to a writer. It is all \’material\”

No matter where you are in life-why not become a writer.

Shitty first drafts may not be pretty, but they are part of the creative process. Don\’t fall into the \”it needs to be perfect\” trap.

How do you Harness creativity?

Learn to recognize your own creative moments.

An or seed of an idea can come when you least expect it.

Creativity comes to you when you are on the wrong path, to get you on the right path.

When that happens, learn how to capture those moments.

Try journaling to get your creative juices flowing.

Tell the story just for you-it separates the wheat from the chaff.

Write down family history- because no one will remember if you wait.

Jot down funny lines you hear or see.

Write about what inspires you that day.

Buy a \”thought joggers\” book

Write down your dreams-then dare to share.

What do YOU do to inspire creativity??