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FREE eBook Friday: Animal Rescue Club



I grew up on a hobby farm and had an infinite love of critters.

So when I came across this free ebook for kids at GetFreeEbooks I had to smile. ENJOY…\

Emma has started at a new school and wants to make friends. So when the twins announce that they have started an animal rescue club, she’s determined to become a member. She begins to hunt for an animal to rescue, but that proves to be much harder than she ever imagined. Will she ever become a member of the Animal Rescue Club? (Ideal for young readers, aged 5 to 10.)


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Review by: Jean M Bellinfantie on Jan. 11, 2012 :
Just finished reading this delightful story; reminded me of the books I used to read as child. Innocent, enjoyable and just lovely and. of course, well written!
(review of free book)

Review by: Alaska Everfall on Jan. 10, 2012 : star\ star\ star\ star\ star\
What an unique and adorable idea! I recommend it to children of all ages. It\’s a fun story and a perfect fit for animal lovers.

Something To Do

Volunteer at a local Rescue Shelter: Many non-profit animal shelters are always looking for and appreciate an extra helping hand with tasks like walking dogs,  cleaning pens, and even help at feeding time. If you are not sure where to begin, Google Animal Rescue Centers \”+\” your  code. Sites like are also a wealth of information and inspiration.

Make a DIY Tire Swing! In the final part of this story Emma makes an important discovery and does so while swinging on her backyard swing. I distinctly remember having a tire swing growing up so I hunted up some \”How To\” instructions on creating your own Backyard Tire Swing.


Now it your turn! Share a favorite memory from your childhood. Was it a Rope Swing? Treehouse? Special toy?

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