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Free eBook Friday! What Does It Mean To Be Green (Little Pickle Press)


What Does It Mean to Be Green? from Little Pickle Press. This book is FREE to download for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch with iBooks and on your computer with iTunes. Books must be read on an iOS device.

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This colorful, insightful story, demystifies for children what it means to be green by helping them to view everyday tasks through an environmentally friendly lens. The book empowers children to do whatever they can to protect the earth\’s precious resources. Don\’t be surprised if they start coming up with ideas for you!

  • Content available in Read Aloud format with professionally recorded narration
  • Read Aloud includes word highlighting in sync with the voice narration. This serves as spelling and pronunciation aids for little kids
  • Text content is searchable
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Little Pickle Press is dedicated to helping parents and educators cultivate conscious, responsible little people by stimulating explorations of the meaningful topics of their generation through a variety of media, technologies, and techniques.

 Something To Do:

With summertime upon us, this a perfect time to incorporate some recycling activities for your kids. had a wonderful article on summer recycling projects that amuse and educate kids at the same time. Here\’s an excerpt:

Many children are learning a lot about the value of recycling while they\’re in school.

During their summer vacation, you can help your children continue to learn about recycling while they\’re having fun:

  • School folders.  One easy task that will help them prepare for the next school year – help them reorganize their school folders, then recycle the paper and reuse the folders.  See the Get Organized article \”Keep the Gems…\” for a step-by-step process you can use with your child.
  • Tie dye project.  Tie-dye t-shirts to reuse the shirts or donate to charity.  Go to Kinder Art for instructions suitable for ages 4 and up.
  • Arts-and-crafts.  Plan arts-and-crafts projects that use recycled materials or focus on other sustainability practices.  Visit Kaboose and Crafts for Children for lots of ideas suitable for different ages.
  • \
    Paper Plate Portho\

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