Never Miss a Beat

It's a Birthday Bash! And a "Two-fer" At That :)

It is an exciting day at Audrey Press!

Sound the party horns! Whip some confetti around the room or do a Happy Dance around the Old Oak Tree! Dish up the Birthday Cake! It\’s PARTY TIME!


Why all the fuss? Audrey Press and our sister site Jump Into A Book are have two reasons to celebrate on this day of May 7th!!!!

First,  it\’s lucky number 7 for Jump Into a book! As of today May 7th, JIAB has been around SEVEN YEARS! I guess you could say it\’s our beloved blog\’s Golden Birthday!

Jump Into A Book\

Our \”Let\’s Party Hardy\” reason #2 is……….(drum roll please)

Our wonderful book The Fox Diaries:The Year The Foxes Came To Our Garden is ONE.YEAR.OLD today!!!


It\’s actually kind of magical how these two special days landed on the same day. It certainly wasn\’t planned that way! Oh, and what an exciting year it has been for our Foxes:

  • We\’ve toured all over the country. Visiting blogs, libraries, schools, nature centers, and wildlife reserves
  • Sponsored the Pella Wildlife Company.
  • Have gone digital (you can find the Fox Diaries Digital Read-Aloud version HERE)

AND…the cherry on this birthday sundae would be there\’s a whole NEW batch of foxes in the Budayr backyard!

Yes, it\’s true. The second generation of foxes have arrived via original kit Hulda. Hulda herself is now all grown up and a mama.. A mama to TEN kits! Yes…I said 10.

\SO, needless to say, we have a lot to celebrate. And in honor of these monumental occasion we would love to offer our readers a very special Birthday Price for our The Fox Diaries Book.  In honor of Hulda\’s 10 new babies, we are offering The Fox Diaries for TEN BUCKS this week only.

Are you IN? AWESOME. Click this LINK to purchase your copy of the Fox Diaries at the birthday deal price, or head over to Jump Into a Book or Audrey Press on Facebook and click the birthday cake icon to get your copy for $10. Oh, and would you do us a favor? Please \”Like\” is while you are there (please-and-thank-you).

FINAL THOUGHT: Though it was completely unintentional, having the same birthday for both JIAB and The Fox Diaries, it is a full circle moment. From jumping into hundreds of books to holding one of my own, this is a day to truly be celebrated.

Thank you all of walking this journey with me and for being the wonderful reading companions you are.- Valarie