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FREE eBook Friday! Fun Learning Videos for Your Little Scientist

Typically when the cluttered minds at Audrey Press do \”Free eBook Fridays\” we pick fun storybooks for kids that can be downloaded and viewed digitally.

THIS WEEK we\’d like to share something different.

While doing some research on Earth Day books and activities, we happened across this wonderful site for kids called Kids World Fun. Kids World Fun is a e-Learning site for kids and is a global non-profit that offers games, books and activities .  What caught our eye were the free interactive science videos for kids a variety of topics from animals and fossils, to our circulatory system and bodies.


These cute videos tell a story and teach kids about our earth, animals, and bodies.

Here\’s a few of our favs:

Air Pollution With Bixby Bee



The Food Pyramid with Pablo The Pyramid Guide


Exploring Our Solar System



Exploring Fossils and Fossil Records

\ was born out for helping our children become intelligent human beings. Their mission is to inspire a love of learning in children.