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Meet The Team Tuesday! Lara Nieberding from Encore OBM

From Valarie: Tuesdays are for sharing and I’m so happy to be sharing our team with you. Lately I’ve been receiving so many emails and comments on all of the blogs wondering how I get it all done. The answer to that question is that I have the most incredible people who make up the Audrey Press team. Without them nothing would get done. With them, every idea in my head is a possibility. All of us work virtually online and freelance. We live all over the world and every day is filled with fun creations. Without further ado, I present to you the doers, dreamers, and wizards of Audrey Press. This week we are “meeting” social media guru Lara Niedberding from Encore On-Line Business Management. Welcome Lara!


Lara Nieberding loves metrics. She has a real passion for looking at data, watching numbers on-line, and anything to do with social media analytics. Her passion for these metrics is at the heart of her business and it is what is helping her clients reach new levels of success.

“I like to say I am the Business Muse that keeps your business functioning!” Lara shares with a smile. “I pride myself in offering the services for busy business professionals that help them keep their business running on-line.”

Roughly 7 years ago, Lara and family moved to the small town of Salisbury, Maryland. Being new to the community, she found herself turning to on-line and the Internet to look for work and connect with like-minded people. It was there she discovered endless virtual worlds filled with entrepreneurs who were creating businesses, and successful ones at that.

“I discovered a slew of business professionals who were working 40 hours a week at day jobs, then coming home and working another 40 hours on-line building and creating businesses.” Lara offers. “I began to see tremendous opportunity in offering them my admin knowledge and assistance virtually.”

From there Encore On-Line Business Management was born. Lara’s services include everything from e-commerce help for business to social media implementation. Her certifications include Internet Marketing Support Specialist, Social Media Support Specialist, and Product Launch Support Specialist from VA Classroom.

Social media is one of Lara’s areas of expertise and when I asked what advice she would give to businesses about the subject, she was quick to respond.  “My advice would be to go where your customers are. Don’t just use any given social media platform because ‘everyone else is.’ Know where your prospective clients are, create a presence there, and have a strategy in place as well.”

Lara believes volunteering her time is important for building a strong community. She has been a member of the International Virtual Assistants Association  and has served on multiple committees including the IVAA Board of Directors, 2009-2012. “It was through IVAA I met Terry Green from BizEase Support Solutions.” Lara offers, “She has been a huge inspiration and mentor with my VA business.”  Lara went on to tell me it was Terry who got her involved with IVAA in 2007, a move she credits with her business success. “She encouraged me during the times I wasn’t sure I could do this. She was, and still is, a role model for me.”

At IVVA, we believe in helping others succeed and ‘paying it forward.’” Lara adds. “I think that’s a great philosophy to have in business, and in life.”

If you would like to connect with Lara Nieberding she can be reached at or visit her website at

 Be sure and check out Lara\’s awesome blog at:\

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