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One Year Later: For Japan With Love


Today one year later, March 11, 2012, we\’re honroing the lives lost and saved in response to the earthquake and tsunamis in Japan. Please help us send a message to Japan by clicking here to share the banner and spread the word of remembrance.

Directly after the earthquake and tsunamis the goal was to raise $5000 dollars for Japan. To date over $73,000 has been raised through Shelter Box donations, a San Francisco Charity Benefit, Fizz & Frills, and Utterly Engaged\’s party. This translates to each one of us helping 730+ people in need. 1200 bloggers particpated in all ! Every little bit helps. Here at Audrey Press two families were directly affected by the after-math of the earthquake and tsunamis. We are so thankful for their well-being and remember them , their families, and country. Thank you to every one who has helped and continues to do so. Please read a personal thank you letter from ShelterBoxUSA President, Emily Sperling.

Here is Japan\’s tearful thank you.

The wonderful people of Japan continue to be in our thoughts, prayers and hearts.