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The Rhythm of the Home Book

Audrey Press is proud to announce The Rhythm of the Home Book to be released in 2013.

The popular online magazine Rhythm of the Home ,edited and co-founded by Bernadette Emerson and Heather Fontenot will soon be coming off the shelf in book form. Rhythm of the Home is a quarterly online magazine specializing in natural living, handmade, and seasonal celebrations, uniting Waldorf, Reggio, Enki, and Montessori education and living models.


Just as Rhythm of the Home is a community and collaborative based contribution magazine, the book will also pull from it\’s readership and contributors.


From editors and authors Bernadette Emerson and Heather Fontenot:

\”Rhythm of the Home was created as a collaborative voice, a way to open the world to perspectives on educating and raising our children. It has always been our hope that through sharing the voices of many, we would all one day look back and be proud of the changes that we had made, the new paths we set for the next generation.\”

It is with that thought in mind that we invite our contributors and readers to submit a query for the Rhythm of the Home book. This book will be a collaborative effort that weaves together crafts, recipes and cooking, reflections, prose, poetry, short stories, art work, etc. for our readers to enjoy.

The book will be arranged into the four categories of warmth, play, celebration, and connection, as in our magazine, and will also be seasonal in nature.

At this time we are accepting queries for consideration in the first book.

To be considered, we ask that you submit a query with your proposed title, detailed description, season, and a sample of your photography and writing. (If you are a past contributor, we would be happy to use your piece as consideration along with other samples of your work.)

Please submit your query by March 21st, 2012 to Of course, only new work which has never been published or submitted elsewhere will be considered for publication. If you have any questions regarding the query process, please direct them to by March 7th, 2012.

All those who submit a query will be notified through email regarding acceptance.


For myself, I\’ve come to know both Bernadette and Heather through their online magazine as a contributor and as creative blogging friends. Here at Audrey Press I\’ve had the distinct pleasure to work even more closely with Bernadette as editor of the Ultimate Guide to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Everyone at Audrey Press is so happy to welcome them and collaborate in this community effort of bringing rhythm into our homes, families, and communities.  We look forward to your submissions and your support in the next steps of Rhythm of the Home.

/Valarie Budayr