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The Fox Diaries Book Tour Announces Four-Legged Tour Mates!

Pella Wildlife Company\

As things start coming together for the next leg of The Fox Diaries Book Tour, we are thrilled to announce that Valarie will have some unique “tour mates” this time around. Four-legged ones at that!


Thanks to the Pella Wildlife Company and friend Dr Kristi Burns, Valarie will have the pleasure of keeping company with two live red foxes! Kit and Red are red fox mates that are approximately 2 years old. They have been raised at Pella since they were kits and are very social and imprinted to people.


Kit and Red are used for education and it\’s Pella Wildlife\’s goal to help people everywhere realize the beauty of red foxes. Dr. Kristi shared with me that, if Pella Wildlife had one goal, it would be for people to realize that wild foxes need to be just that, wild. They need to be left in Nature and allowed to be the wild creatures they were born to be. Dr. Kristi is adamant about the “just watch” rule meaning; no feeding or trying to befriend wild foxes. Valarie offered us an excellent example of that while creating The Fox Diaries. She took care to chronicle Mama Rennie and her kit\’s activity from a distance and recorded their life via documentation and photography.  The Fox Diaries book was offered at Pella Wildlife with the foxes “signing” with a paw print! It sold out the first week 🙂

Red fox "Kit" checking out The Fox Diaries Book!\


So watch for the Terrific Threesome of Valarie, Kit, and Red when The Fox Diaries book tour comes to your community. Audrey Press is a proud corporate sponsor of The Pella Wildlife Company, and we are so grateful for this unique opportunity.

Audrey Press Is A Proud Sponsor of Pella Wildlife\


A Word About Pella Wildlife:

Pella Wildlife Company of Des Moines, Iowa is a non-profit wildlife conservation organization. As an NGO (non-governmental organization) Pella Wildlife is governed by a board of directors. We have advisors from area businesses, educational institutions and companies. Without their dedication this project would not be possible. Ron DeArmond is the CEO of Pella Wildlife Company. Pella was established to focus on three areas of animal welfare, education, sustainability, and conservation.

Pella Wildlife Company depends on more than 40 volunteers and volunteer staff to take care of all our visitors, baby animals, adult Wildlife Ambassadors, e-mail lists, newsletters, programs and more! Volunteering at Red Rock Wildlife Education Center is a rewarding job that will change your life forever and provide you with many \”once in a lifetime\” experiences!

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by Becky Flansburg\