Never Miss a Beat

Audrey Press is One Year Old TODAY!!

Happy Birthday To Audrey Press!



It was one year ago today that Valarie Budayr founded Audrey Press, and-oh-what a busy year it\’s been!

Within this last year The Fox Diaries has been released and Valarie embarked on a month-long book tour to schools and community centers to share the delight of The Year The Foxes Came To Our Garden.



Another huge milestone was achieved, when Valarie and Audrey Press  joined forces with a group of amazing women and achieved Amazon #1 bestseller status for The Gratitude Project: My Favorite Christmas Memory .


Gratitude is a great way to sum up Audrey Press\’s first year. We are grateful for support from friends, fans, readers, authors, and family. We predict \”year two\” will be just as exciting and cannot wait to see where the path unfolds! One year ago, our Misson Statement was added and still rings true today:

The mission of Audrey Press is to inspire children, families, and all of our communities, no matter how small or how large, to experience, discover and create our world together. Connection is important. My goal is to find new ways to connect with people and encourage them to connect with each other.

To Celebrate our One Year Anniversary we\’re putting The Fox Diaries on Sale for $10 until Friday January 20th 2012. Just click on the banner to find your way to our birthday bash.
Happy Birthday Audrey Press\