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Last Day of the Blog Tour at Swedish House

Posted from my blog  A Place Like This

Happy Monday Everyone!  Today is the last day of our blog tour so does it surprise anyone that we would end it in Sweden?


If you\’re just landing here let me give you a little back ground. I\’m of Swedish heritage and I love all things Swedish, and from Sweden. You can find me at least once a year in Sweden visiting family and friends and if I\’m not physically there, I\’m there in spirit.


Today finds us at Julie\’s and her blogSwedish House. Julie and I met through mutal friends in several places on the blogosphere. It was only a matter of time before we met anyway because of our love of a little Red Swedish house known as a stuga.

\’The sun shines on a little cottage and in that cottage I want to live with you!

Red stugor are found everywhere in Sweden except on Gotland where my family is from. I have a great love affair with the old wooden houses and the folk culture which inhabits them.


The minute I saw Julie\’s Swedish House I just wanted to move in and then there is the great love of Loppis……..yard sales. Julie orignally hales from London England. Her and her family moved to Sweden a few years ago and have spent their time learning the language and culture as well as redoing and decorating their sweet little house.


Our friendship has grown over a love of old Swedish things, crafting, the art of drinking coffee, baking, supporting each other through parent illnesses, and creating and appreciating each and every day.

Please stop by and say\”hej\” pronounced hay to Julie. She\’s giving away one last copy of The Fox Diaries, on this round of the blog tour. A big thank you to everyone who participated in the blog tour. It\’s been so much fun which we will be continuing throughout the summer all around the world. Stay tuned for more info to come.