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Where are the Foxes Today?

Greetings Everyone,

I wanted to let you all know that the foxes and I will be making a couple of virtual appearances today. We are making our way through our blog tour. Today we\’re at Child in Harmony.


Photo by Marcia Simonds

Marcia has a wonderful earth school for children as well as having a small farm. This Spring finds her busy with her myriad of animals, I especially love her Polish Hen, and she is having earth classes for teens. Marcia says,\”You know I am passionate about connecting all people with nature, especially children….and I am really touched how much the teens love earth school. I am also continuing my A Nest In Nature once a week for parents and their children, birth to six to connect with nature, their creativity and other parents and their children and to encourage natural learning. You can have a look at Marcia\’s Earth School here.

She will be sharing the earth school\’s experience with The Fox Diaries as well as hosting a giveaway of the book and a special discount code for those of you who can\’t wait.


photo by Marcia Simonds

Later on in the afternoon I\’ll be over at the Waldorf Connection. I\’m Donna Ashton\’s May Spotlight Sponsor for  her monthly call. You\’ll get to hear a wonderful interview with Kaitlyn Keyt of VibesUp.


I\’ll also be interviewed about The Fox Diaries, the creation of Audrey Press, and the rhyme and reason behind Jump Into A Book. Don\’t Miss It!….but if you do there will be a replay which I\’ll post here for 48 hours.

Here\’s a few more details about the call this afternoon and a little more about Kaitlyn Keyt.

Kaitlyn is passionate about bringing new awareness in
the area of eduction. She teaches on right brain genius,
refers to ADD as NBG (new Brain gift) explains why it is
important to be living our gifts,  the brilliance in the unfocused,
the importance of children being grounded and much more
in the area of children and education.

Today, May 11 1pm Pacific/2pm Mountain
3pm Central/4pm Eastern-
Don\’t miss this opportunity to get your questions answered and
listen to this hot topic. (don\’t worry if you can\’t make it!
There will be a 48hr free replay)
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