Never Miss a Beat

The Foxes Are Coming!

On Monday May 9th, the Year of the Foxes begins with a blog tour to remember. Connecting friends in places all over the world by warming the heart and adding a smile, The Fox Diaries will be visiting these wonderful people over the next two weeks.

May 9th   Elemental

May 11th   Child in Harmony

May 13th  Gypsy Forest

May 16th Lady of the Arts

May 18th By Hand At Home

May 20th Mousy Brown\’s House

May 23rd Swedish House

Each stop will include a book giveaway, a special look at how are friends are spending time with the foxes, and other special goodies. You won\’t want to miss it !


We would love to travel virtually or physically to every State in the US and to every continent in the world! Yes even Antartica. If you think you would like to host the foxes and give us a peek into your part of the world drop me a note .  Please put fox tour as your subject heading.

A very happy Mother\’s Day to everyone in North America. See you Monday!