Never Miss a Beat


Hello and I\’d like to welcome you to Audrey Press.  We\’ve been busy since October preparing our first release , The Fox Diaries: The Year the Foxes Came to Our Garden.


Last year a mother fox and her four little babies moved into my front yard and resided there for several weeks. Each morning and evening I would sit on my lawn watching as Momma Rennie would instruct her four kits how to survive in the world. As I observed I took many photos. Weekly I would share insights of the previous week with my A Place Like This readers. Knowing that this is a story which touches the heart, I wanted to capture a magical moment in my families time together living with foxes.

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Here is a place we will share our journey with foxes, bookmaking, and all The Fox Diary events that take place around the world.

I hope you\’ll come back and join us often.

Be Well,