2023 Guest Post Guidelines

Guest post Guidelines for Audreypress.com

The Requirements

The focus of your guest post could cover these topics: children’s books, diversity in children’s literature, your writing/publishing journey, blogging, and social media for authors or small businesses, or a unique and moving story about a woman in business.

Blatant sales pitches will not be allowed. All posts will be subject to approval from the Audrey Press Team, and sloppy or poorly edited articles will not be accepted.

Content length should be no less than 300 words and no more than 600, and please include your bio, headshot, and any images you would like to include as well.

Your guest post must fall into the children’s, teen, adult non-fiction book categories.

The Audrey Press team will inform you of your article’s “live” date. A preview link will be provided before the article is published, and last-minute tweaks can be made.

The Audrey Press team reserves the right to refuse any article/blog post that is poorly written or doesn’t align with their vision.

Here is Why Guest Blogging is a Bonus for You:

Being a guest contributor helps to align you as a knowledgeable and creditable expert in your field.

Guest contributors will get to display a photo, short bio, and active link to their site at the end of the blog post they write, exposing your information to new readers.

Over the last 10+ years, the Audrey Press team has worked hard to build a vibrant social media presence, and your guest post will tap into that presence and potentially expose your work or company to new eyeballs.

Direct Questions and Inquiries to Becky@AudreyPress.com